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(;3257,1* $ ',5(&725< 4-8 Directory You may also export a directory from a fax machine as a text file, and send it to any mail client (be it PC or fax based), in the form of an e-mail attachment entitled directoryxxx.csv. To export the directory, MENU: 18 - DIRECTORY / EXPORT + Key in the e-mail address of the PC or other fax machine to which you want to export the directory. You may export a directory to several fax machines simultaneously (refer to paragraph Dialling, page 5-3). + Confirm by pressing OK. + Repeat the procedure as many times as required, for instance to update all your fax machines or send the same file to several PC users on your local network.

3(5$7,21 6(1',1* The faxes sent via the Switched Telephone Network STN are sent from the feeder or the memory. Documents sent via Internet are first memorized and sent at the time of Internet connection. All fax transmissions which take place via the public telephone network are in black-and-white. You can send black-and-white documents (in the TIFF format) or colour documents (in the JPEG format) via the Internet. 326,7,21,1* 7+( '2&80(17 Your fax is composed of a scanner including two modes of reading original documents: the flat-bed scanner (3620) and the sheet-feed scanner. The flat-bed scanner allows scanning bound documents (books, encyclopedia, etc.). 5-1

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