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,PPHGLDWHO\ SHUIRUP WUDQVPLVVLRQ IURP WKH ZDLWLQJ TXHXH 5-10 Operation MENU: 61 - COMMANDS / PERFORM + Select the document in the waiting queue and validate your choice with OK or to immediateley perform the selected transmission. 3ULQWLQJ D GRFXPHQW LQ ZDLWLQJ RU LQ GHSRVLW MENU: 64 - COMMANDS / PRINT + In the waiting queue select the desired document and validate your choice with OK. 3ULQW WKH ZDLWLQJ TXHXH The recap document called ** COMMAND LIST ** is printed. 'HOHWLQJ D WUDQVPLVVLRQ RQ KROG MENU: 65 - COMMANDS / PRINT LIST MENU: 63 - COMMANDS / CANCEL + In the waiting queue select the desired document and validate your choice with OK. &$1&(//,1* 75$160,66,21 ,1 352*5(66 Cancelling a transmission in progress is possible whatever the type of transmission but varies depending on whether the transmission is a single call number or a multi call number. For a single call number from the memory, the document is erased from the memory. For a multi call number, only the call number in progress at the time of the cancellation is erased from the transmission queue. To cancel transmission in progress, + Press key . A message will ask you to confirm cancellation by pressing a second time on key , appears on the screen. + Press key to confirm cancellation in progress. If your machine is set to print a transmission report (refer to paragraph Transmission report and deposit notice, page 3-3), it will print that the communication was cancelled by the user.

Operation 5(&(37,21 Document reception via the Internet is automatic at each Internet connection. You can receive a black-and-white document (in the TIFF format) or a colour document (in the JPEG format). The receipt of faxes via the public telephone network takes place invariably in black-and-white when the connection has been established. 5(&(37,21 9,$ 7+( 38%/,& 6:,7&+(' 7(/(3+21( 1(7:25 3671 Fax reception depends on the parameter settings of your machine: 5(&(37,21 9,$ 7+( ,17(51(7 Whatever the document received, reception is automatic at each Internet connection. You can receive black-and-white as well as colour documents. Incoming documents other than fax files (Word process file, CAD, etc.) may not be opened by your fax. However, you may keep this (or these) document(s) in your Internet mailbox until it is automatically converted by the F@x to Fax service, if you have a subscription or until computer use or automatic transfer. (Refer to chapter Mail sorting, page 3-14). &23

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