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35,17,1* 7+( 0$&+,1( 6(77,1*6 5-16 Operation At any moment, you may print the list of your fax’s parameter settings to control any changes possibly made to the default parameters. Printing the machine settings: MENU: 54 - PRINT / SETUP Your fax prints the list of stored parameters. 0(025,=,1* $ 6(48(1&( 2) (

Operation &2817(56 At any time, you may consult the activity counters of your machine. To get access to the counters of the machine: MENU: 82 - ADVANCED FUNCTIONS / COUNTERS These counters indicate the number of: printed pages, MENU: 821 - ADVANCED FUNCTIONS / COUNTERS / PRINTED PAGES local copies, transmitted pages, received pages. MENU: 822 - ADVANCED FUNCTIONS / COUNTERS / LOCAL COPIES MENU: 823 - ADVANCED FUNCTIONS / COUNTERS / SENT PAGES MENU: 824 - ADVANCED FUNCTIONS / COUNTERS / RECEIVED PAGES '(326,7 $1' 32//,1* You may deposit a document in your fax and keep it available to one or more subscribers who can obtain a fax of this document by calling your fax with the Poll function. Setting the machine for document deposits, you must define the type: SIMPLE, it may be polled only once from the memory or feeder, MULTIPLE, it may be polled as many times as necessary from the memory Setting the machine for polled documents, you must define the poll number, then depending on the type of poll you may: launch an immediate poll, program a delayed poll with a chosen time, launch a multipoll, either immediateley or later. 5-17 Safety Maintenance Operation Directory Settings Quick usage Installation Contents

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