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3ODFH D GRFXPHQW LQ GHSRVLW + Insert the document to deposit in the feeder. + Select MENU 34 - FAX / POLLING TX and validate with OK. + Choose the type, according to the table below: 0HQX 3URFHGXUH SIMPLE MULTIPLE + Confirm deposit pressing OK key. 3ROOLQJ D GHSRVLWHG GRFXPHQW + Select FEEDER or MEMORY. 5-18 Operation MENU: 33 - FAX / POLLING RX + Enter the number of the party whose document you want to poll or choose your dialling mode (refer to paragraph Dialling, page 5-3). Remark : You can poll several documents using the key. + Depending on type of poll you should: + Select the black and white mode and validate with OK. + If necessary, adjust the contrast and validate with OK. + Enter the number of pages that you wish to deposit. + Select the black and white mode and validate with OK. + If necessary, adjust the contrast and validate with OK. + Enter the number of pages that you wish to deposit. &KRLFH 3URFHGXUH Immediate poll + Press . Postponed poll + Press OK. + Next to the current time, enter the time you wish to poll the document and press OK.

Operation /2&6 There are five restrictions to the use of your fax: interlocking of received docume nts printing (refer to paragraph Fax answering machine, page 3-5), keypad interlocking, numbers interlocking internet parameters interlocking barring the SMS service. (QWHULQJ WKH LQWHUORFN FRGH The operator access parameters are condifential; they are protected by a four-digit interlock code that the authorised operators must know. To access the interlock code MENU: 811 - ADVANCED FUNCTIONS / LOCK / LOCKING CODE + Enter your four-digit interlock code on the keypad. + Validate by pressing OK. + Confirm the interlock code by entering the code one more time. + Press OK to validate. Remark : When a code is already registered, the machine asks you first to give the former code before allowing you to modify it. /RFNLQJ WKH NH\SDG This function allows you to prevent access to non-authorised persons. An access code must be entered each time a person wants to use the machine. To access the keypad unlocking menu MENU: 812 - ADVANCED FUNCTIONS / LOCK / LOCK KEYBOARD + Enter the four-digit interlock code with the leypad. + Press key OK to validate. + With keys 5 or 6 of the navigator, select the option WITH. + Press key OK to validate. Remark : After each operation, the machine interlocks automatically. 5-19 Safety Maintenance Operation Directory Settings Quick usage Installation Contents

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