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5HSODFLQJ FDUWULGJHV 5HSODFLQJ WKH WRQHU FDUWULGJH To replace the toner cartridge, proceed as shown below. When the display shows: CHANGE TONER TO CONFIRM + 1 - Turn the printer off using the switch located on its left-hand-side. + 2 - Fold open the tray on the top cover. + 3 - Press the latch of the top cover to open it. 6-2 Maintenance

Maintenance Caution - The fusing unit located inside the printer may become very hot during operation. Avoid any contact with it, or you may injure yourself. Fusing unit + 4 - Remove the old toner cartridge. Caution - In order to protect the environment, do not throw away the spent toner cartridge. Please read carefully the form entitled "Recycling spent consumables" enclosed with every new toner cartridge. 6-3 Safety Maintenance Operation Directory Settings Quick usage Installation Contents

3 FAX Operation - Utax
4 FAX Operation - Utax
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