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6-6 Maintenance + Insert

6-6 Maintenance + Insert the SmartCard gauge into the appropriate slot ensuring that the chip is oriented as shown in the drawing below. + The display of the scanner keypad shows the following (assuming black toner cartridge): + Press OK. Flèche verte RENEW BLACK (B) TONER? CONFIRM = OK CANCEL = C + The display shows: OPERATION IN PROGRESS PLEASE WAIT + Once the SmartCard has been read, the display shows: RENEW BLACK TONER RECORDED REMOVE CARD + Remove the SmartCard. =

Maintenance Caution - If the following message appears check whether the right side of the microchip card was inserted (green arrow): CARTE ILLISIBLE CHANGER SENS 5HSODFLQJ WKH GUXP FDUWULGJH To replace the drum cartridge, proceed as shown below: When the display shows: CHANGE DRUM TO CONFIRM + 1- Turn the printer off using the switch located on its left-hand-side. + 2 - Fold open the tray on the top cover. 6-7 Safety Maintenance Operation Directory Settings Quick usage Installation Contents

2. Getting started -
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