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+ Slide back. Make sure the mini card gauge stays in place when closing. + Unclip the plastic protection from the ribbon with both strips. (r). + Remove with caution the plastic protection (t) and the foam joint (s). The foam joint is attached to the plastic protection by one end. r s t + Remove the ribbon from its aluminum packaging. + Remove the adhesive strips. + Shake the ribbon sideways 5 or 6 times to even out the toner. + Make sure the photosensitive ribbon is in place, otherwise refer to the preceding paragraph. + Hold the ink ribbon by the handle with the writing facing up. + Insert the ink ribbon by using the side latches. (v). + Tilt the handle until the ribbon is in place. + Close the cover by simultaneously pressing on both sides to make sure it is properly locked. 2-6 v Installation

Installation b ,167$//,1* 7+( ,1&20,1* '2&80(17 75$< + Place the tray (a) in both slots (b) located in front of the machine. You should always remove the incoming document tray before opening the cover. 6(/(&7,1* 7+( 287/(7 )25 7+( ,1&20,1* '2&80(176 You have 2 outlet configurations for the incoming documents depending on how you use your machine: c a d The fax machine is delivered and preset in central output The capacity of the incoming printer tray varies from 40 to 60 pages depending on the paper weight used. A detector will warn you when the tray is full. 2-7 • Central outlet (c) in the incoming document tray, documents are printed in order. • Front outlet (d) in the outgoing document tray, for special applications (example: printing from a PC with special paper) incoming documents are printed in the opposite order of the outgoing documents. The tested documents may be mixed with the incoming documents. Safety Maintenance Communications Settings Quick usage Installation Contents

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