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+ Consecutively press

+ Consecutively press the following keys of the MENU, 2, 4, 1 and OK The screen displays the option for the desired function 241 WITH 242 WITHOUT 243 ALWAYS 244 ON ERROR 3-4 Quick usage + In this menu select the desired option, either WITHOUT by moving the cursor with the arrows or with the navigator and place it in front of the line WITHOUT then confirm your choice by pressing OK. 6WHS E\ VWHS IXQFWLRQ DFFHVV You may print the function list (key i ) to know the number of a function. The following example describes how to enter your name so that it prints out as a header on your fax (name of this function SETUP / NAME). + Press the MENU key, the menu with the functions appears, move the cursor , with the or navigator arrows and select SETUP 1 DIRECTORY 2 SETUP + Validate your choice by pressing OK. + In the SETUP menu, move the cursor , with the or arrows and select NAME. 22 NUMBER 23 NAME + Validate your choice by pressing OK + Enter your name with the numeric and alphanumeric keypad then validate your entry by pressing OK 48,&. $&&(66 0HPRUL]LQJ D VXEVFULEHU LQ WKH GLUHFWRU\ MENU : 11 - DIRECTORY / ADD NAME + a new record is created, you can complete it by entering the subscriber name then validate with OK, + enter the subscriber’s fax number 1 , displayed on screen hidden yet accessible using keys or 1. If your machine is connected to a private auto switch PABX, it may be necessary to insert a prefix followed by a dial tone (symbolized by the sign / in the number) except if a local prefix was already programmed, (refer to paragraph Local prefix, page 4/2)

Quick usage + enter your subscriber’s E-mail address, + press to validate. 'HILQLQJ WKH W\SH RI WUDQVPLVVLRQ UHSRUW 3-5 MENU : 241 - SETUP / SEND / SEND REPORT • Select the desired option WITH, WITHOUT, ALWAYS or ON ERROR and validate your choice by pressing OK - WITH, a report is given when the transmission was correctly performed or when it was completely abandoned, - WITHOUT, no transmission report, - ALWAYS, a report is printed with each transmission, - ON ERROR, a report is printed only when transmissions were unsuccessful or perfomed by error3 and the request is completely abandoned. 6HQGLQJ D ID[ YLD WKH 6ZLWFKHG 7HOHSKRQH 1HWZRUN 671 + Place the outgoing document in the fax feeder 1 scan side toward the machine, first page under the stack, The outgoing document tray has two guiding bands enabling you to place your document correctly. + Enter the subscriber’s fax number and press . The "Line" icon flashes during the call and stays on when both faxes are in communication. 6HQGLQJ D ID[ WR PRUH WKDQ RQH VXEVFULEHU XVLQJ WKH 671 QHWZRUN + Place the outgoing document in the fax feeder scan side toward the machine, first page under the stack, + Enter the fax number of the first subscriber + Press key and enter the number of the second subscriber, + Repeat the last step for each subscriber or subscriber list (maximum of 10 subscribers or subscriber lists) and press . &KRRVLQJ WKH ID[ UHFHLYLQJ PRGH + Press as many times as needed the AUTO ANSW. key so that the desired mode symbol appears at the bottom of the screen. - Manual mode, symbolized by the "Tel." icon, used only if an external phone is connected with the fax. - Fax mode, symbolized by the "Fax" icon, allowing automatic paper fax reception. - Fax/Telephone mode, symbolized by icons "Tel." and "Fax", used only if the fax is con- 1. The subscriber’s fax number is usually listed on the outgoing document.You may dial the number first before placing the document in the feeder. Safety Maintenance Communications Settings Quick usage Installation Contents

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