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3-6 Quick usage nected to an outside phone. This mode allows both telephone calls and fax transmissions. Fax/Answering mode, symbolized by icons "Fax" et "TAD" lets you receive either faxes or acts as an answering machine for your calls if you are connected an answering machine. )D[ UHFHSWLRQ YLD WKH 671 QHWZRUN Fax reception depends on how your machine is set, or more precisely what reception mode was chosen: • Manuel mode (icon "Tel." on), the user triggers the fax reception by lifting the receiver and pressing key . • Fax mode (icon "Fax" on), fax reception is automatic. • Fax/Telephone mode (icons "Tel." and "Fax" on) the fax answers automatically after the chosen number of rings and sends out a bip to your subscriber, inviting him to remain on hold, then depending on the call you may: 7\SH RI FDOO

Quick usage + Press key @, + enter your subscriber’s E-Mail address, + Press key @. The document is scanned and memorized. It will be dispatched at the next Internet connection. If your subscriber has a PC, he will receive an E-mail attached with your fax. If your subscriber has a fax internet, he will receive a paper fax. 6HQGLQJ D GRFXPHQW YLD ,QWHUQHW WR D QRQ ,QWHUQHW VHUYLFH )#[ WR )D[ You may send a document to another fax (non Internet) via Internet, only if option F@x to Fax is On, if you subcribed to F@x to Fax and if there is a local prefix. + Place the document in the feeder, + You have two dialing methods: 1st Method 2 nd Methode + Press key @. The document is scanned and memorized. It will be dispatched at the next Internet connection. The F@x to Fax service operator will transmit this fax to the call number (via the telephone network) and an acknowledgment of receipt will notify you of proper arrival . )81&7,216 + enter your subscriber’s international number, preceded with a «+» a or use key (refer to paragraph Dialing, page 5/1). + enter the "international access code" followed by the international number of your subscriber or use key (refer to paragraph Dialing, page 5/1) a. When function F@x to Fax is on, you may type the « + » by using key ECO MAIN MENU 1: DIRECTORY )XQFWLRQV )XQFWLRQ 'HVFULSWLRQ 3DJH MENU : 11 - ADD NAME Enter a name in the directory p. 4/12 MENU : 12 - ADD LIST Enter a list for diffusion p. 4/13 MENU : 13 - MODIFY Modifiy a record in the directory p. 4/13 MENU : 14 - CANCEL Delete a record in the directory p. 4/14 MENU : 15 - PRINT Print the directory p. 4/15 MENU : 16 - SAVE/LOAD Save/load directory in chip card p. 4/15 161 SAVE Save directory in chip card 162 LOAD Load directory in chip card 3-7 Safety Maintenance Communications Settings Quick usage Installation Contents

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