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3ULQW ID[ PHVVDJHV VWRUHG LQ WKH PHPRU\ Documents received and stored in the memory are printed. 5HFHSWLRQ ZLWKRXW SDSHU 4-6 Settings MENU : 41 - FAX ANSW. / PRINT Your fax offers you the possibility to either accept or refuse document reception if your printer is unavailable. If your fax printer is unavailable, you may choose two modes of reception: • reception mode WITHOUT PAPER, your fax saves the incoming messages in the memory, • reception mode WITH PAPER, your fax refuses all incoming subscribers. To select the reception mode : MENU : 252 - SETUP / RECEPTION / REC. PAPER + select the option WITH PAPER or WITHOUT PAPER and validate your choice with OK. 1XPEHU RI FRSLHV You may print incoming documents more than once (1 to 99). To set the number of each document received : MENU : 253 - SETUP / RECEPTION / NBR OF COPIES + enter the wanted number of copies and validate with OK. At each document reception, your fax will print the number of copies requested. )D[ RU 3& 5HFHSWLRQ 2SWLRQ )8// 3& 7UDQVIHU MENU : 256 - SETUP / RECEPTION / PC RECEPT. If you have a PC kit, this menu will enable you to select the machine you wish to receive the documents on : • fax, • PC, • PC if available otherwise the fax. For more details, please report to the instruction manual provided with this kit. Your fax offers you the possibility to automatically transfer all incoming documents either to a remote fax or to an E-mail address. This E-mail address may be : • your own address, for later use of this document on a PC (if your fax and this PC have a commun E-mail address). Notice: in this case automatic polling of your Internet mailbox is impossible. • a different address. Activate your first transfer before gaining direct access to the parameter settings.

Settings For all transfers thereafter, you should select the menu Settings to access setting parameters after activating the transfer. 5HOD\ 2Q 4-7 MENU : 811 - ADVANCED FCT / RELAY / ON Relays is activated according to the settings (MENU SETUP) defined and the message RELAY ON appearing on the screen. At the first activation, the subcriber settings will be asked.. 5HOD\ 2II MENU : 812 - ADVANCED FCT / RELAY / OFF Relays are off and settings (MENU SETUP) which were defined remain valid. 'HILQH WKH VHWWLQJV &RS\ PRGH MENU : 813 - ADVANCED FCT / RELAY / SETUP + Select the type of transfer WITH RELAY, WITHOUT or WITH RELAY @ validate your choice with OK then inform parameter settings according to the following table : WITH RELAY 0HQX 6XE PHQX 3URFHGXUH WITH RELAY @ 27+(5 )81&7,216 + enter the wanted fax telephone number for the transfer and validate with OK, TO MY E-MAIL (transfers to your E-mail address) TO OTHER ADD. + enter E-mail address and validate with OK WITHOUT (no automatic document transfer) Your fax offers you the possibility to make more than one copy of one document or many pages placed in the feeder. To photocopy: + place the document in the fax feeder, scan side facing the machine, first page below the stack, + for some documents, you may modify the resolution mode by pressing the MODE key (Notice: no SFine mode in the copy mode), + press key , Safety Maintenance Communications Settings Quick usage Installation Contents

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