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RJV + If you wish to have more than one copy, enter the number then validate with . 4-8 Settings The incoming and outgoing logs list the last 30 subscribers (ingoing and outgoing) made by your fax. An automatic print out will take place after every 30 subscribers. However, you may request a print out at any time. Each log (incoming or outgoing) contains a table with the following information: • date and time of the ingoing or outgoing document, • subscriber’s number or E-mail address, • transmission mode (Normal, Fine, SFine or Photo), • number of pages sent or received, • call duration, • incoming or outgoing results: noted CORRECT if properly transmitted or information codes for special calls (polling, manual subscribers, etc.) • reason for call error (exemple: your subscriber does not answer). To print the logs : MENU : 52 - PRINT / LOGS The incoming and outgoing logs are printed on the same page. 3URWHFWHG DFFHVV Your fax has two types of protected access only accessible after having entered a locking code. The two types of access are: • keypad locking, by activating the locking code on your fax. Your fax is automatically locked and may no longer be used, • dialing restriction, limits the transmission of the directory numbers and to prevent directory modification. It is required to define the locking code before implementing both types of safety access. /RFNLQJ FRGH HQWU\ MENU : 821 - ADVANCED FCT / LOCK / LOCKING CODE + if a code has already been entered, enter this old code and validate it, + enter the new 4 digit locking code and validate with OK, + confirm this code by reentering it and validate with . .H\SDG ORFN DQG XQORFN + enter the 4 digit locking code and validate with OK. + Select the option WITH or WITHOUT and press . Yor fax is locked, you will need to enter the locking code before use. MENU : 822 - ADVANCED FCT / LOCK / LOCK KEYBOARD

Settings 'LDOLQJ UHVWULFWLRQV + enter the 4 digit locking code and validate with OK + select the option ONLY DIRECT. and press . 4-9 MENU : 823 - ADVANCED FCT / LOCK / LOCK NUMBER Transmissions are possible only through the directory and modifications of the latter are forbidden. 3ULQWLQJ WKH IXQFWLRQV JXLGH The fax function guide may be printed in two ways, by the menu or by the key i Printing by the menu: MENU : 51 - PRINT / FUNCTIONS LIST Printing with the key : + press the key i . 3ULQWLQJ WKH PDFKLQH VHWWLQJV At any moment, you may print the list of your fax’s parameter settings to control any changes possibly made to the default parameters. Printing the machine settings : MENU : 54 - PRINT / SETUP Your fax prints the list of stored parameters. 7(&+1,&$/ 3$5$0(7(56 Upon arrival your machine has been preset by default. However, you may adjust it you meet your requirements by resetting the technical parameters. To set the technical parameters : MENU : 29 - SETUP / TECHNICALS + Select the wanted parameter and validate with OK. Safety Maintenance Communications Settings Quick usage Installation Contents

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