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$FFHVV WR UHFHSWLRQ PRGHV 4-16 Settings + Press as many times as needed on the key AUTO ANSW. to choose the appropriate mode. $'9$1&(' &20081,&$7,21 )81&7,216 (FRQRP\ SHULRG This functions lets you send a fax at a chosen time, preferrably during low-rate hours, to reduce your phone bill. The economy period, through the telephone network, is preset in default from 19h00 to 07h30. However, you may modify the range of these hours. 0RGLI\ WKH HFRQRP\ SHULRG + enter the new economy period and validate with OK. 8VLQJ WKH HFRQRP\ SHULRG MENU : 243 - SETUP / SEND / ECO PER. To transmit during low-rate hours, press key ECO instead of key . The fax will be sent automatically during low-rate hours. 'HOD\HG WUDQVPLVVLRQ This function allows you to transmit a document at a different time. To program a postponed transmission you need to identify the subscriber number, transmission time, feeder type and number of pages. To delay the transmission time of your document : + place the document in the feeder, + select MENU 31 -SEND / TRANSMISSION, + enter the subscriber number (by using Directory ou key or , (refer to chapter Dialing, page 5/1) you wish to program at a different time and validate with OK, + next to the current time, enter the new time and validate with OK, + select the feed type, Feeder or Memory and validate with OK, + you may enter the number of pages before transmission and validate with OK, + validate postponed transmission by pressing key . Your document is stored and will be sent at the new time. 'HSRVLW DQG SROOLQJ You may deposit a document in your fax and keep it available to one or more subscribers who can obtain a fax of this document by calling your fax with the POLL function.

Settings Setting the machine for document deposits, you must define the type: • SIMPLE, it may be polled only once from the memory or feeder, • MULTIPLE, it may be polled as many times as necessary from the memory Setting the machine for polled documents, You must define the poll number, then depending on the type of poll you may: • launch an immediate poll, • program a delayed poll with a chosen time, • launch a multipoll, either immediateley or later,. 3ODFH D GRFXPHQW LQ GHSRVLW + Insert the document in the feeder, + select MENU 33 - SEND / POLLING TX and validate with OK, + choose the type, according to the table below:, + confirm deposit pressing OK key. 3ROO D GRFXPHQW 0HQX 3URFHGXUH SIMPLE + select FEEDER or MEMORY, + enter the number of pages that you wish to deposit in the feeder or memory, MULTIPLE + enter the number of pages that you wish to deposit, 4-17 MENU : 32 - SEND / POLLING RX + enter the subscriber number (by using Directory or key ) used to poll the document + depending on type of poll you should: &KRLFH 3URFHGXUH Immediate poll + press , Postponed poll + press OK, + next to time, enter the time you wish to poll the document and press OK, Multipolling + press key , enter the second subscriber number to be polled, + repeat this step for all subscribers then you may : - press for immediate multipolling l - press OK for a postponed multipolling by entering the chosen polling time, Safety Maintenance Communications Settings Quick usage Installation Contents

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