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4-20 Settings If an

4-20 Settings If an immediate transmission, the document is sent immediately. If the document is set for a postponed transmission the document will be stored in the memory and sent at the requested time. report to paragraph 0%; SROOLQJ IURP D UHPRWH ID[ MENU : 35 - SEND / MBX POLLING + enter the subscriber number you wish to poll a fax (or use Directory or keys paragraph Dialing, page 5/1) press OK, or , refer to + enter the subscriber MBX number and press OK, + enter this MBX access code and press OK, + if you wish to delay the poll time, enter the departure time next to the current time, + Validate the MBX poll request by pressing key . As soon as the remote faxed is subscribered, either immediately or later, the document(s) in the remote fax MBX are received in your fax. 'RFXPHQW UHOD\ Your fax machine (initiator) can relay a document, in other words, transmit a document to your subscribers via a remote fax and with a precise relay list. To do this the initiator fax and the remote fax must both have the relay function. Your fax has this function, but it can only be used as the initiator fax. To relay you need to supply the remote fax with the document and the relay list number. The remote fax will then transmit this document to all subscribers belonging to the list. Once the relay is activated by your fax and as soon as the document is received by the remote fax, this document is first printed before relay to all subcribers on the list. To activate relay from your fax machine: + insert the document to relay in the feeder, first page under the stack, + select MENU 36 - SEND / BROADCAST and validate your choice with OK, + enter the remote fax number (by using the Directory or keys (refer to paragraph Dialing, page 5/1) where you will relay and validate with OK, + enter the relay list number used by the remote fax and press OK, + you may enter the time you wish to transmit the document next to the current time and press OK, + if you wish to modify the document feed type, select one of the options FEEDER or MEMORY press OK, + if you wish, you may enter the number of pages of your document before transmitting, + activate relay by pressing key . The document in the feeder will be relayed either immediately or at a later time (according to your choice) to the remote fax which will relay the document. 0DQXDO FRQQHFWLRQ This fax offers you the possibility of listening, with the loudspeaker, to the dialing sequence for fax transmission. This function can be used in the following cases :

4-21 1. To call back one of the 10 last subscribers, press key before pressing this key . + Once the conversation is over press key hang up so that the document transmission can continue. + During document transmission press key to indicate to your subscriber that you wish to have a telephone conversation. A first series of tones made by your fax indicates that your request has benn transmitted to your subscriber’s fax, and a second series of tones indicates that the remote fax has acknowledged your request. + Pick up your telephone and press key of the fax. + Place the document to transmit in the fax feeder, first page under the stack, + dial your subscriber’s number (by using the Directory or with keys or , refer to paragraph Dialing, page 5/1) and press OK, + select the transmission mode FEEDER, press OK, + press to start document transmission. Transmission starts. Once your document is in progress you may converse with your caller. Safety Maintenance Communications Settings Quick usage Installation Contents Retaking the telephone line when transmission is in progress : If a telephone is connected to your fax, you can have a conversation with the person you are sending the fax to. 5HWDNLQJ WKH WHOHSKRQH OLQH • you want to check that the subscriber is correctly routed, in case of doubtful numbers, etc. For manual connection : + Insert the document in the feeder, first page under the stack, 1 + press key , + if necessary adjust the loudspeaker volume with keys or the navigator, + enter the subscriber number (or use key to call back the last subscriber dialed), When you hear the fax tone of the remote fax, you know it is free and you may send your document. + press key to send your document. If your machine is set to print a transmission report (refer to paragraph Main settings, page 4/1), the reduced copy of the first page will not appear and it will notify you that the connection is manual. • several attempts to send a document have been unsuccessful. By using manual connection, you can hear whether the remote fax is busy and start document transmission when it is free. Settings

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