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6WDQGDUG VHWWLQJV Your machine has two types of settings: • connection type and frequency to your ISP. SET TIMES PERIODIC ON DEMAND • Type of transmission via the Internet. At any moment you may print the settings of your machine to know their status. $FFHVV WR FKRLFH RI FRQQHFWLRQ 4-24 Settings MENU : 951 - INTERNET / SETTINGS / SEND TYPE + select one of the connection options SET TIMES, PERIODIC or ON DEMAND press OK Modify punctual connection times MENU : 953 - INTERNET / SETTINGS / PERIOD + having selected the SET TIMES mode, choose the time to either modify or cancel, + press keys # or or to cancel the time, + enter the new connection time with the numeric keypad and press OK. Modify periodic connection period MENU : 953 - INTERNET / SETTINGS / PERIOD + having selected the PERIODIC mode, enter to new connection period with the numeric keypad (value between 00h01 and 23h59) and press OK. $FFHVV WR WUDQVPLVVLRQ FKRLFH MENU : 952 - INTERNET / SETTINGS / SEND TYPE + select one of the transmission options IMMEDIATE or DURING CNX press OK. $FFHVV WR SULQW WKH ,QWHUQHW VHWWLQJV The Internet settings are printed. an Internet connection is established every day at 09h00, 12h30 and 17h00 a (default values) an Internet connection is established every 3 hours a. (default value) a. To avoid Internet access saturation, the automatic connection will occur in reality 12 minutes give or take around the requested time. IMMEDIATE DURING CNX an Internet connection is established at your request by Immediate Access (refer to paragraph Internet Connection, page 4/27) Document transmission will occur immediately at each transmission request. Transmissions will only occur at programmed connections SET TIMES or PERIODIC. MENU : 955 - INTERNET / SETTINGS / PRINT

Settings These settings may also be printed with the machine’s other settings (refer to paragraph Printing the machine settings, page 4/9) . 0DLO VRUWLQJ This function lets you choose the treatment mode for all Internet documents stored in your mail box. You have three choices, • F@X ONLY, lets you poll and print E-mails in your machine, including those automatically converted by the F@x to Fax service, if On and if you have subscribed (refer to paragraph F@x to Fax, page 4/26), • PC ONLY, lets you keep your E-mails in your mailbox for later use with a computer (no E-mail poll), • SHARE PC lets you: - if PC and fax have two different addresses, transfer all mail or only those with attachments to a PC, - if PC and fax share the same address, use the fax as a printer for E-mails for the PC. 0RGH RQO\ )#[ + select option F@X ONLY press OK 4-25 MENU : 96 - INTERNET / SORT MSGS All E-mails are polled and printed, including those with unopenable attachmenets and converted by F@x à Fax (if on). 0RGH RQO\ 3& + select option PC ONLY press OK MENU : 96 - INTERNET / SORT MSGS The E-mails are not polled but they may be used with a computer. At each connection, the number of E-mails in your mailbox is displayed on the screen. 0RGH VKDUH 3& MENU : 96 - INTERNET / SORT MSGS + select option SHARE PC, press OK. You may choose to transfer your E-mails to a PC or use the fax as an E-mail printer. To transfer the E-mails to a PC: + select option FORWARD TO PC and press OK, + enter the E-mail address of the computer you wish to transfer your E-mails press OK, + select your option from the table below and press OK. 0HQX 'HVFULSWLRQ SEND ALL MAILS All E-mails are sent to the PC. WITH UNREADABLE ATT Only E-mails with unopenable attachments are sent to the PC. Safety Maintenance Communications Settings Quick usage Installation Contents

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