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To use the fax as an

To use the fax as an E-mail printer: + select option SHARED PC MBOX and press OK, + select your option from the table below and press OK. DELETE MAILS 4-26 Settings At each connection, the number of E-mails still present in your mailbox are displayed on the screen. )#[ WR )D[ You must subscribe to this service and it must be switched-on to allow you to: • send, via the Internet, a document to another fax (without "Internet" functions), • convert the unopenable attachments of incoming E-mails. The subscription form for F@x to Fax is provided with your machine. After subcription, the operator will provide you with your access code. You may gain access to this service F@x to Fax by two ways: • 1st way : the subscriber’s number must be dialed with the "+" followed by the "the subscriber’s international number". • 2nd way : the subcriber’s number must be dialed with the "international access prefix " (example: 00) followed by "the subscriber’s international number". This number may be entered either by the keypad or by using the Directory, line TEL. In this case, you are required to dial the international prefix access and if available the local prefix (needed for all faxes connected to a private auto switch PABX). 6ZLWFK RQ VHUYLFH + select your choice WITH and press OK. + type the access code to this service F@x to Fax (4 digits) and press OK. MENU : 97 - INTERNET / F@X TO FAX Depending on the access method used you need to dial in the following parameters: 6ZLWFK RII VHUYLFH 0HQX 'HVFULSWLRQ + Select WITHOUT press OK. The E-mails opened and read by the fax (w/o attachment) are erased after fax print. SAVE MAILS The E-mails opened and read by the fax are not erased. 1st Method 2nd Method + There is no prefix for international access, leave the line empty and press OK, + type the prefix for international access (example: 00), press OK, + type the local prefix a. needed for faxes connected to a private auto switch (PABX) press OK MENU : 97 - INTERNET / F@X TO FAX

Settings ,17(51(7 &211(&7,21 An Internet connection is made with an ISP. It allows both document sending and reception while connected. A connection takes place the following way: • send to one or more of your subcriber’s Internet mailbox, all fax-Internet waiting for transmission. If your sending to a computer, the transmitted fax will be received as an attachment to an E-Mail. • reception of all fax-Internet and E-Mails deposited in your personal Internet mailbox. You may connect either immediately or automatically depending on the time periods defined. The triggering of a programmed Internet connection depends on the standard settings of your machine. ,PPHGLDWH FRQQHFWLRQ WR WKH ,QWHUQHW There are two methods to immediately connect to the Internet : Access by the Menu, MENU : 92 - INTERNET / IMMED ACCESS Access by the keys, + Press twice on key @. 3URJUDPPHG FRQQHFWLRQ An automatic connection to the Internet depends on how your machine is programmed and more particularly on the standard settings. (refer to paragraph Standard settings, page 4/24 ). '($&7,9$7( 7+( ,17(51(7 )81&7,21 If you do not wish to use the Internet functions: MENU : 91 - INTERNET / SUPPLIER + select NO ACCESS in the ISP list NO ACCESS, HIWAY, PROVIDER 2 or OTHER press OK. 4-27 Safety Maintenance Communications Settings Quick usage Installation Contents

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