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To send to an E-mail

To send to an E-mail address, 5-4 Communications + enter the E-mail address of your subscriber or use the Directory then validate with OK. To send this message to multiple subscriber’s refer to paragraph Dialing, page 5/1. + enter the objet for this document and press OK, + enter the text and press OK. The message is memorized and will be sent at the next Internet connection. Your subscriber will receive an E-mail. 3DSHU ID[ WR ID[ )#[ WR )D[ VHUYLFH You may send a paper fax to another fax (non Internet) via Internet, if option F@x to Fax is on, if there is a local prefix and if you have a F@x to Fax subcription. + Place the document in the feeder, + two ways to send : 1st Method 2nd Method + enter the international number of your subscriber , preceded with a « + » a or use key (refer to paragraph Dialing, page 5/1) + enter the "international access code" followed by your subscriber’s number in the international format or use key (refer to paragraph Dialing, page 5/1) a. When the function F@x to Fax is on, you may enter the « + »by using key ECO + press key @. The document is scanned and memorized, it will be sent at the next Internet connection. The F@x to Fax service operator will take charge of this fax transmission toward the call number (via telephone line) and an acknowledgment of receipt will notify you that your fax reached destination. &$1&(//,1* 75$160,66,21 ,1 352*5(66 Cancelling a transmission in progress is possible whatever the type of transmission but varies depending on whether the transmission is a single call number or a multi call number. • For a single call number from the memory, the document is erased from the memory. • For a multi call number, only the call number in progress at the time of the cancellation is erased from the transmission queue. To cancel transmission in progress-, + press key . A message will ask you to confirm cancellation by pressing a second time on key , appears on the screen, + press key to confirm cancellation in progress. If your machine is set to print a transmission report (refer to paragraph Transmission report, page 4/4), it will print that the communication was cancelled by the user.

Communications 5(&(37,21 Document reception via the Internet is automatic at each Internet connection. Reception of all documents via the telephone line is done one at a time at fax reception. 5(&(37,21 9,$ 7+( 6:,7&+(' 7(/(3+21( 1(7:25. 671 Fax reception depends on the parameter settings of your machine and the reception mode. (refer to paragraph Fax, page 4/15): • Manual mode (icon "Tel." on), the user triggers the fax reception by picking up the handset and pressing key . • Fax mode(icon "Fax" on), fax reception is automatic. • Fax/Telephone mode, (icons "Tel." et "Fax" on) the fax automatically answers after the chosen number of rings (report to paragraph Fax, page 3/16)) and sets off a sound signal (beeps) to your subscriber, asking him to wait Then, depending on the type of call you may : 7\SH RI FDOO

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