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This message reminds you

This message reminds you that you need to change the gauge with the ribbon. PAPER EMPTY Put more paper in the tray. CHANGE TONER "Toner" icon at the bottom of the screen is on. • End of tonerr: change ribbon and gauge. • No ribbon: put an ink ribbon in the machine Note : "Toner" icon flashes when almost out of toner (5 %). PAPER JAM "Paper jam" flashes at the bottom of the screen. + Open the cover by pressing the both levers on the side of the machine. + Wait a few minutes for the heater to cool down. + Remove the ink ribbon and the photosensitive drum. INVALID GAUGE + Let the gear axe (a) help you by turning it forward . + Completely remove the sheet with the help of the gear axe (a). + Pull the sheet toward you and remove it. 6-6 Maintenance The signal "On" flashes red. Place the gauge toner (refer to paragraph Installing the ink cartridge and gauge card, page 2/5), or check the validity of the installed toner. CHECK PRINTER Open then close the cover. If the incident persists, call Customer Services. a

6-7 Tp ensure the best operating conditions for your fax, it is recommended to regularly clean the inside. For normal usage, please respect the following rules: *(1(5$/ 0$,17(1$1&( Make a photocopy of a document ; if it is correct then your fax is functioning normally. Call back the subscriber and have him resend the document. It was probably sent with the sheet inserted backwards. You cannot send a fax Check that the telephone line cable is correctly plugged in. Check tonality by pressing key . • If the "Fax" icon flashes, this means that the memory for reception is full. If the machine is set in the Fax/Answer mode, print the documents received (MENU 41). You receive a blank page Check that the telephone line cable is correctly plugged in and that there is a tone signal on the telephone line. The fax machine does not receive any faxes • If the icon "Fax" is off and the icon "Tel." is on, this means that the reception mode is set on manual. Set it to fax (refer to paragraph Reception Modes, page 4/15). At the start and during scanning, REMOVE DOCUMENT appears on the screen and the "On" signal is red. Remove the document or press key . Check the thickness of the document (30 sheets of paper of 80 g/m2). Iron out the sheets if needed. Help the sheets along. CHECK PAPER Procede with the replacement of the paper in the tray (refer to paragraph Loading the paper supply, page 2/2) Safety Maintenance Communications Settings Quick usage Installation Contents The fax does not detect the presence of your inserted document. The message READY does not appear on the screen. Check that the mains cable is plugged in, and check the mains plug if necessary. At switch-on nothing appears on screen 0,6&(//$1(286 ,1&,'(176 Maintenance

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