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6 Controls RESOLUTION Improves the clarity of text and drawings when sending and copying u Select options / set volume / move display cursor MENU Use to select functions AUTO/MANU Set receive mode (AUTO/MANU) R For special functions e.g. when using a PABX or accessing functions provided by your telephone provider PP Redial the last five numbers dialed / insert a pause between two digits g Indicates that your fax machine is transmitting v If this symbol flashes please read the display STOP Interrupts the process / ejects the document / cancels the input START/COPY Starts fax transfer or copies document Speed dial keys Dial stored numbers m A-Z Look up names and numbers l Dialing MEMORY Memory functions

Accessories Document holder Insert the paper holder firmly into the opening behind the document feeder until it blocks. Paper exit tray The paper exit tray is permanently attached to the paper tray. When pulling out the paper exit tray keep one hand on the paper tray. Document exit tray Insert the document exit tray gently into the opening under the control panel. For non-standard documents (e.g. larger than A4) just extend the tray. A 7

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sagem fax 4440 / mf 4461 professional and economical - Sagemcom
sagem fax 4440 / mf 4461 professional and economical - Sagemcom
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