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3 8 To print the menus and thus get an overview of menus, proceed as follows: + Insert paper. + Press the M, 5, 1 and OK keys (or press the i key). Introduction The menus are classified in their order of function number. (See the section entitled QUICK REFERENCE GUIDE, MENU GUIDE). The functions are classified in their order of appearance in this manual. Tabs are provided for quick access to the required information.

Telephoning 7(/(3+21,1* Although it features advanced functions, your machine is also a telephone set providing a whole range of user-friendly functions. & + Pick up the handset. + Dial your party’s number. & You can also dial the number before picking up the handset. In that case, you can correct any dialling error by means of the C key. ❑ You can use the and keys to adjust the volume (2 levels available). & /RXGVSHDNHU OLVWHQLQJ + Dial your party's number. This is displayed on the screen. + Pick up the handset, the machine dials automatically. + When your party answers, press the key to activate loudspeaker listening. + You can use the and keys to adjust the volume. + Press the key again to de-activate loudspeaker listening. +DQGV IUHH PRGH 7$' 0RGHOV + Dial your party's number. + Press the key: the machine dials automatically. + You can use the and keys to adjust the volume.. ❑ At any time, you can pick up the handset and continue the call (in which case the speaker and microphone are automatically disabled). & Your machine can store phone numbers in a directory. To know the applicable procedure, please refer to the section entitled DIRECTORY (MENU 1). 5 + Press the (REDIAL) key. + Select the required number using the and keys . + To call the number displayed press the key or pick up your handset. ❑ At any time, you can delete the REDIAL number by pressing the C, (REDIAL) and OK keys. 9 Introduction Telephoning Directory Settings Fax TAD Printing Doc control Advanced functions Options Appendix 1 2 3 4 5 6 7

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