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40 When displaying call details the display alternates between the name (or number) and the date and time of the call. It will also show a T to indicate a telephone call, a F for a fax call or a A if the caller has let you a message. To review the list from the cordless handset • Press i then . The display shows details of the last call. • Use the and keys to scroll through the list. • To call a number from the stored list press the key. Options

Appendix $33(1',; 5 Consumables (ink ribbon and ribbon gauge card) are already installed in your machine, but you will eventually have to change them. To do so, please refer to the instructions given in the following paragraphs. , The ink ribbon enables the unit to print on normal paper. Caution - Only use the ink ribbon matching the manufacturer’s specifications. To use other types of ink ribbon could damage the unit and invalidate the guaranty. Documents printed by your unit can be read from the used portion of the worn ink ribbon. If these documents are considered as confidential, you may want to remove the ink ribbon whenever you leave the unit. + Pick up the handset (models with handset) and put it on the side. OR + Open the front cover: lift it towards you until it remains open. 1 + Open the rear cover: unlock the latches (1) before pushing the cover towards the rear. 1 OR 1 1 41 Introduction Telephoning Directory Settings Fax TAD Printing Doc control Advanced functions Options Appendix 1 2 3 4 5 6 7

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