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72 pages MYX5-eng -

72 pages MYX5-eng -

My mobile in 5 minutes

My mobile in 5 minutes Receiving a call Busy Call from 0605030401 Switching off Select When you receive a call, the number of your correspondent is displayed when it is presented by the network. Press the Start 2key or the right programmable key 4 to answer, and speak. To refuse the call, press the Stop1key or the left programmable key 3. To stop the ring tone or the vibrate, without refusing the call, press the0key. ATTENTION: Pressing the Start key a second time launches hands-free mode, in this mode do not bring the mobile up to your ear. All the numbers corresponding to incoming and outgoing calls are logged in the list of recent calls. Press the Stop 1 key for one second. The end message is displayed. The telephone switches off. 17

First setting: Ring tone Volume and ring tone 1 Menu Sounds Back Select 2 Sounds Ring tones Back Select 18 We want to familiarise you with the interface of your new mobile, using a simple setting: choosing a ring tone and adjusting the volume. This menu allows you to allocate a ring tone to each type of event. In the home page, press the down 6key to access the main menus. The first menu offered is Phonebook. Press the down6key four times to access the Sounds menu. Enter this menu by pressing the right programmable key 4. You can access the second level of the menu that contains four sub-menus: Ring tones, Vibrate, Silent mode, beeps. The first sub-menu offered is Ring tones. Enter by pressing the right programmable key 4.

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