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72 pages MYX5-eng -

72 pages MYX5-eng -

Phonebook Phonebook Send

Phonebook Phonebook Send message See contact Modify contact Delete Back OK See contact 001 Liz 0660011066 Back Call You can also enter a letter to access directly the first contact starting with this letter If you know the memory number of this contact on the SIM card (say 21 for example), you can enter 21* directly. Choose from the options offered: See contact The first menu offered is See contact. Enter. The detail of the store appears (location, call group, name, number). Modify contact Modify contact.Enter. Using the down6key. Modify name if required, and Accept. Modify number if required, and Accept. Modify call group if required, and Accept. Delete Select Delete. Enter. Confirm deletion of entry with Yes. Call Select Call.Press the right programmable key 4 to start the call. You can also select the party to be called from the phonebook, and press the Start2key to make the call. Send message Select Send message. Accept. Text editor opens automatically. 21

Phonebook 22 Phonebook menu Phonebook Zoé Phonebook menu Emma Peter Back OK Phonebook My numbers Add contact Call groups Memory Back OK The phonebook menu allows you to create new contacts, to create call groups and to check the memory available to store new contacts. In the Phonebook screen,press the right programmable key 4 to enter the menu. Press the up5key to position the cursor on the Phonebook menu and accept. Choose from the options offered (add contact, call group, memory, my numbers). Add contact Select Add contact and accept and press the right programmable key 4 to enter the menu. Choose the place where you wish to enter the contact (SIM card or telephone) using the down / up65keys, and accept. Enter name of your correspondent and accept. Enter telephone number and accept. Choose a call group to which you want to allocate this contact and accept. (See page 24: call groups)

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