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72 pages MYX5-eng -

72 pages MYX5-eng -

Messages Inbox Messages

Messages Inbox Messages Inbox Back Select Received messages are stored in the SIM card or in the telephone until you choose to delete them. From the Messages menu choose the Inbox menu and Select. Each message contains information on type of message (in the form of an icon) and time (or date) of reception. Unread messages are entered in bold and arranged by arrival time and date. Select a message and press the right programmable key 4. Choose from the options offered (Read, Forward, Delete read, reply, reply with original message, call, send, delete, delete all). If your message contains objects (images or sounds), you can save them in order to use them later (stored in your telephone's memory); when reading text, place the cursor on the object and choose the Save option from the options on the right programmable key 4. When they gave been stored in memory, the space required in the telephone is then indicated. You can consult them in the corresponding menus (WAP bookmarks in WAP, tune in Sounds, backgrounds in Background, and icons in Call groups). 29

Messages 30 Drafts Messages Drafts Back Select Sending options Messages Options Back Select When you store a composed message, it is stored among the drafts. From the Messages menu choose the Drafts menu and Select. Select a message and press the right programmable key 4. If you do not delete this message, it will remain as a draft and can be re-used even if you have already sent it. Choose from the options offered (Read, Send, Delete, Delete all, Modify). Several sending options are offered. From the Messages menu choose the Send Options and Select. From the send options offered (acknowledgement, reply offered, period of validity - life cycle of message on network before being routed - , message format, message centre).

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