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5.6 Accessing services

5.6 Accessing services provided by the Operator DIRECTORY/SERVICES (*) With this menu, you can access to certain services provided by your Operator. 5.7 Displaying your phone numbers DIRECTORY/MY NUMBER (*) This menu displays your phone number. 5.8 Directory occupation DIRECTORY/USE This menu shows how many memory locations are occupied in your directory. 17 5. Directory

6. How to use the written message function 6. Written message function 18 This service allows you to send and receive messages in plain text, usually called short messages. Your frequently used short messages can be stored: - in the SIM card: in this case, the number storable depends on the capacity of the card; for details, contact your service provider; - in the phone itself (depending on the model). Access to this service depends on the network; for more information, consult your Operator or your Service Provider. Various icons provide information on: Position of the message in the phone (depending on the model). flashingAt least one message not completely read. steady Messages all read. flashingMemory full with at least on message not completely read. steady Memory full.

2. Getting started -
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