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ENGLISH 910 912 916 919 920 922 926 929 -

7. How to use the call

7. How to use the call related features 23 7.1 Forwarding calls CALLS/CALL FRW. If allowed by your subscription, this service allows you to forward the received calls (incoming calls) to another number. CALLS/CALL FRW./ACTIVATE Scroll the menu to activate the type of call forwarding required. • UNCONDITIONAL call forwarding: all your incoming calls will be forwarded to the number you have chosen. • BUSY: incoming calls will be forwarded only when your phone is BUSY. • NO REPLY calls are forwarded when your caller gets no answer from your phone after a period of time you can set by answering the questions asked by the menu. • NOT REACHABLE calls are forwarded when your phone is not reachable, either outside network coverage or switched off. Look out for incompatibilities; for more information, consult your Operator or your Service Provider. 7. Call related features

Dial the number to which you want your calls to be forwarded to, giving the same area codes as if you were calling from your phone. A screen message confirms activation of call forwarding. CALLS/CALL FRW./DEACTIVATE Scroll the menu to deactivate the type of call forwarding required. CALLS/CALL FRW./STATUS This menu allows you to consult the status of the call-forwarding option and check whether it is active or not. This function is also of use when checking the number your calls are forwarded to. The displayed information is given by the network in real time. Attention 7. Call related features The forwarding number is attached to the subscription number of your SIM card and not to your phone. You can deactivate ALL call forwarding options. Cancellations of forwarding can cause particular reactions in certain voice mailbox systems on the network. 24 7.2 Viewing the list of the last numbers used The last phone numbers (outgoing and incoming if available) are automatically stored in memory. To redial a phone number: Press , or CALLS/LAST With this menu, the last numbers stored are displayed. You may choose among the list by pressing the arrow keys. Press to call the selected number. Or press Ok to store this number in the directory. Storing a number in the list Enter the number then press Ok. You can do this during a call.

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