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ENGLISH 910 912 916 919 920 922 926 929 -

7.11 Message centre

7.11 Message centre CALLS/MSG CENTER To program a special call number, type in this number and validate. This number is used when calling the message centre with the programmable keys. Attention For network specific services, such as message centre, speed dialing is valid only if the area you are calling from is covered by the network. In certain cases, it is better to use an international phone number. This memory is linked to the phone and not to the SIM card. 29 7. Call related features

8. How to adjust the ringing tones and the vibrator 8. Ringing tones and vibrator 30 8.1 Selecting silent mode RNG & BEEP/SILENCE? If you wish, you can replace your phone’s ring-tone feature by a vibrating device or the silent mode. In this case, all tones are deactivated, except for wake-up calls. Select ACTIVE by pressing the arrow keys, then validate. This mode is indicated by the symbol on the display. 8.2 Setting the vibrator RNG & BEEP/VIBRATOR Select one of the following options by scrolling with the arrow keys: vibrating device only, vibrating device and ringing, vibrating device then ringing. Validate. The SILENT mode is automatically deactivated during connection/ disconnection of the hands-free kit, and when turning the phone on or off. Wherever you require your calls to arrive discreetly, you can use the vibrator.

2. Getting started -
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