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Download the 2011 Annual Report - Fayette County Government

Download the 2011 Annual Report - Fayette County Government

A picture of how

A picture of how Fayette County’s millage rate compares can be seen when viewed with other counties of similar size. Compared with other counties with a population of 100,000 or greater, Fayette County has the fourth lowest millage rate, dropping one spot lower than the prior year. A property tax bill for the unincorporated area of the County contains four components. The largest component is attributable to the school system and is 71% of the overall property tax bill. The remaining property tax bill consists of 18 % for general county operations, 8% for fires services, 1% for EMS services, 1% for E-911 services, and 1% for the State.

Governmental Expenditures The largest share of county resources are used to provide support to the public safety operations at 53% of total expenses. Among the services included in this component of expenditures are the Sheriff’s Department, Fire and Emergency Services, E-911, Animal Control, Marshal, Public and Emergency Management, and the Coroner’s office. Unemployment Rate Comparison 1 1 Source: Georgia DOL The County has a highly skilled labor force that is very diverse and well trained. The superior quality of our workforce is supported by the following chart which compares the unemployment rates for Fayette County, the State of Georgia and the United States for the last ten years.

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