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Download the 2011 Annual Report - Fayette County Government

Download the 2011 Annual Report - Fayette County Government

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topics that already often seem confusing and complicated. Questions and answers are posted on the Employee Home Page in Munis Self Service. ►A power point presentation was created that covered the County’s Personnel Policies and was made accessible to employees 24/7. Training was conducted for all supervisors to update them on the County’s Personnel Policies. In addition, training was presented to provide guidance on how to deal with issues such as substance abuse, harassment, diversity and workplace violence. In December 2011 the employees elected to forgo the annual Holiday Open House and embrace a Season of Giving by collecting donations of toys, food, clothing and money for local charitable organizations such as Toys for Tots, Fayette Samaritans and Fayette Senior Services. Donation boxes were located at various departments throughout the County. Thanks to the great support of County employees, the Season of Giving turned out to be a great success.

Information Systems The primary focus of the Information Systems Department for 2011 was the implementation of initiatives identified in the first year of the County’s Strategic Technology Plan. These initiatives included: Desktop Computer and Peripheral Replacement A Desktop Computer and Peripheral Replacement Schedule was developed to identify the age and use of all desktop computer equipment and the year in which it should be replaced. The first year replacement equipment has been ordered and is being rolled out throughout the County. The new computer equipment will provide reliable computing for County staff and the resources necessary to meet the growing requirements of the County’s major software systems. GIS Analyst Position A new GIS position was recommended by the Strategic Technology Plan to provide a dedicated position responsible for developing and maintaining the County’s GIS Systems. The new staff member has been busy working with County Departments to expand the use of GIS data throughout the County and create new GIS systems that offer increased efficiency and availability. Most importantly, a great deal of work is being done with Spillman Technologies, Inc. to provide accurate GIS information for implementation of the County’s new 911 Computer Aided Dispatch System. New 911 Center Computer Aided Dispatch System The Information Systems Department has worked closely with the 911 Center and Spillman Technologies, Inc. to begin implementation of the County’s new 911 Center Computer Aided Dispatch System. A new Blade Center and SAN Storage were purchased to provide the resources necessary for the project. The new equipment will also provide increased resources and functionality to enhance the County’s Continuity of Operations Plan and Disaster Recovery initiatives. New Sheriff’s Record Management System The Information Systems Department assisted the Fayette County Sheriff’s Office and Spillman Technologies, Inc. with the implementation of a new Records Management System. The Information Systems Department helped design and configure the hardware for the system and assisted with the rollout of the new Sheriff’s Mobile Data Terminals. The new system and Mobile Data Terminals have allowed the Sheriff’s Office staff to operate more efficiently and effectively to provide better service to the citizens of Fayette County.

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