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Download the 2011 Annual Report - Fayette County Government

Download the 2011 Annual Report - Fayette County Government

Purchasing Department

Purchasing Department The Fayette County Purchasing Department procures materials, supplies, equipment and services for County departments, ensuring quality and maximum dollar savings under the supervision of the Fayette County Board of Commissioners. 2011 Accomplishments • Appointed to the Georgia Oglethorpe Board of Examiners The Purchasing Director earned the designation “Member, Georgia Oglethorpe Board of Examiners, 2011.” Requirements for being appointed to the Board of Examiners included five days of intensive in-class training; an independent case study which required over sixty hours to complete; and participation on a team which examined the self-assessment and improvement efforts of another organization, and provided them on-site, face-to-face feedback regarding their initiatives. Training provided by the Georgia Oglethorpe process is valuable in improving key processes and outcomes of county government or any type of organization. • Initiated acceptance of on-line payments for surplus equipment Prior to Fiscal Year 2009, the county disposed of surplus property only through the use of traditional auctions. In that year, the Purchasing Department piloted an initiative to reach a larger bidding audience by auctioning through the internet website On-line auctioning was a success. In July 2011, on-line auctions were further enhanced by allowing successful bidders to pay for their purchases on-line via, in addition to the traditional methods of check or cash. This has proved to be a valuable enhancement to the process. Since July, approximately 28% of winning bidders have made payments on-line. • Implemented requirements of HB 87 Legislation passed by the Georgia General Assembly in 2011 included House Bill (HB) 87. This bill contains a number of measures, including changes to administration of public-works contracts with vendors for the “physical performance of services”. Procedures and practices regarding invitations to bid, requests for proposals, and contracts were updated to incorporate the new provisions. The provisions in HB 87 are designed to help assure that citizens and qualified non-citizens have access to public works employment.

• Successfully used cost-avoidance practices in renewal premiums for property and casualty insurance The county’s property and casualty insurance policy is renewed effective July 1 of each year. The insurance carrier notified the county that they would require an 8.5% premium increase for the year beginning July 1, 2011. The Purchasing Department was successful in holding the premium increase to 1.2% over the previous year’s cost. This translates to approximately $30,000 in savings for county taxpayers.

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