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Download the 2011 Annual Report - Fayette County Government

Download the 2011 Annual Report - Fayette County Government


Annual Report 2011 Community Development Building Permits & Inspections Planning & Zoning W here quality has always been the lifestyle Fayette County, Georgia

Building Permits and Inspections The Fayette County Permits and Inspections Department provides protection for the citizens of Fayette County by insuring minimum code compliance is achieved throughout every phase of the permitting, plan review and inspections process. 2011 Accomplishments: • Began enforcement of the 2009 Edition of the Georgia State International Energy Conservation Code. Enforcement of this Code required all Fayette County Inspectors to receive additional training from DCA, Southface Institute, and Georgia Power. All Inspector training as well as DET Verifier Certifications achieved by our Plans Examiner and Senior Building Inspector have been obtained by capitalizing on no-cost training seminars, thereby reducing County costs. • Inspectors attended regularly scheduled meetings of the Midwest Georgia Homebuilders Association and Midwest Georgia Inspectors Association of which our Department and Inspectors are members. In addition to fostering relationships with Building Inspectors from other jurisdictions and local contractors, we were able to capitalize on the no-cost training provided at each Association’s meetings. • Participated as a “Team Member” for the planning, implementation, and construction of the new Fayette County Library additions and for the planning of the anticipated new Fire Station to be constructed in Tyrone. Department participation as a Construction Team Member insured a significant savings in County expenditures associated with these projects. • Converted to production release of the 8.5 version of our EnerGov Community Development/Permitting Software. This allows Fayette County to move into a yearly maintenance mode with all production issues resolved. With the potential of incorporating additional modules in the future, benefits to our citizens as well as a new level of efficiency is achievable. • Created and implemented a process of converting expired MIC building permits into our Energov System. This will provide us the ability to search expired permits and associated outstanding fees using parcel numbers. This process, when completed, will connect new permit applications with outstanding expired permits, allowing us to recover outstanding fees as well as minimizing the number of open permits. • Maintained its Insurance Services Office (ISO) rating of 3 for residential construction, and 3 for commercial construction. This superior rating has been equaled by only 3% of the building departments in Georgia, and no other departments have achieved a better rating. This achievement is a benefit to the Citizens of Fayette County by helping to insure lower insurance premiums on new residential and commercial construction.

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