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Download the 2011 Annual Report - Fayette County Government

Download the 2011 Annual Report - Fayette County Government


TAX ASSESSORS The primary responsibility of the Board of Tax Assessors is to appraise property at fair market value as of January 1 of each year to ensure that each property owner pays only his proportionate share of tax. There were many new demands on the Tax Assessors Office this year due to several changes in legislation, including: • One year sales value overrides • Maintaining and not exceeding a moratorium value from prior legislation • Generating Assessment Notices for all taxpayers in the county to include an estimate of taxes based on the prior year’s millage rates • Including sales as part of the valuation process traditionally not considered as fair market (distressed sales, banks sales, short sale or sale at public auction) Even with the new legislative demands and decreased staff, the Tax Assessors’ office was able to successfully submit and receive approval of the 2011 Tax Digest from the Georgia Department of Revenue. The Fayette Assessors have a staff of nine appraisers, one clerk, one GIS mapper and two part-time appraiser aides. The appraisers track ownership changes, parcel boundaries, zoning, use, building and property characteristics, tax exemptions, trends in sales prices, constructions costs, rents, incomes, expenses and personal property assets in order to appraise property each year. Real estate, furniture, fixtures, machinery, equipment, inventory, boats, aircraft, heavy duty equipment, golf carts, mobile homes and motor vehicles are appraised by staff. All county appraisal staff must successfully complete at least forty hours of approved appraisal courses during each two years of their tenure as an appraiser. The Mapping/Cartography Department of the Assessors' Office is where the tax digest begins. The primary responsibility of the cartographer is to establish a property identification number (map parcel number). The map parcel numbers are then entered into the data base with all the necessary information for the appraisal department to locate the property and assess it according to its current market value. Aerial photography is vital since it allows the cartographer to draw a tract from the legal description stated in the deed and then overlay the drawing on the aerial photography to identify any existing structures. Bryan Fairrel has successfully maintained and updated all base layers of the GIS Tax Maps with ESRI software.

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