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Download the 2011 Annual Report - Fayette County Government

Download the 2011 Annual Report - Fayette County Government


The County Commissioners’ Office News about local government in Fayette County in 2011 had much to do with the election of two new County Commissioners, some of the county’s transportation projects, and the effects our nation’s economic woes are having on our own community. The good news is that Fayette County’s government continued to deliver quality services in spite of revenues that continued to shrink. County Commissioners (old and new), the County Administrator and department managers held firm in their efforts to ensure the continuation of the services that our citizens expect, essential and otherwise You will read in this report that county departments worked hard to produce the level and quality of work expected of them, by both the Board of Commissioners and the public they serve, while respecting the burden of many who continue to pay property taxes and other costs that support county government. As with most other county departments, no funds were available in 2011 for new initiatives in the County Commissioners’ Office. County government is no different than any other business. The need to continuously squeeze resources in order to produce more and better products is essential. In the case of county government, its “products” are services to the public, some essential and some perhaps not. One way of serving the public is to provide as much information as possible about the roles, responsibilities, activities, and actions of county government. Information that is timely, accurate, and useful is critical. During 2011, the staff of the County Commissioners Office continued its efforts to maximize past investments in technology, enabling the development and dissemination of more and better information which is easier to obtain and understand. Staff continued to build a foundation of information available on the County’s website that is more meaningful to the average user. Understanding that information on a website is not useful unless it is relevant, succinct, and easy to maneuver, attempts to augment and reorganize available information continued. The Board of Commissioners remains committed to providing an environment of full disclosure and transparency in government. Further, the Board of Commissioners and its staff remain committed to continuing efforts to transition Fayette County’s government to an E-government environment which will allow the public to conduct business with the County electronically to the greatest extent possible. We believe the ability to transact business with your local county government around the clock is in keeping with the expectations of a citizenry that lives, works, and plays in the 24/7 environment of today.

Fayette County is possibly the most financially sound government entity in all of Metropolitan Atlanta. Though there may be some indications that the state of our nation’s economy is beginning to improve ever so slightly, the “budget belt” for county government will continue to be tightened in the coming year and beyond. Resources that support our local government services are derived directly from the economic wellbeing of our community and the Board of Commissioners is keenly aware of the financial struggles of many of our citizens. Although the County moves forward with cautious optimism, great care is taken to wisely use our taxpayers’ resources to provide essential local government services to our community.

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