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Download the 2011 Annual Report - Fayette County Government

Download the 2011 Annual Report - Fayette County Government

Public Works The

Public Works The Division of Public Works is the umbrella organization that includes the Departments of Building and Grounds Maintenance, Fleet Maintenance, Road and Engineering. Public Works also implements the County’s Transportation SPLOST program. In 2011 Public Works continued to represent Fayette County at the Atlanta Regional Commission’s Transportation Coordinating Committee. This committee provides technical advice to the Transportation & Air Quality Committee regarding transportation issues within the Atlanta metropolitan region. Coordination with the Atlanta Regional Commission ensures local projects are included in the region’s Transportation Improvement Program and that the County remains competitive in seeking Sate and Federal aid for transportation projects. Public Works also serves as the primary liaison for interaction with the Georgia Department of Transportation. County and Department staff routinely meet to coordinate funding, safety improvements, resurfacing, detour plans, bridge inspection reports, etc. Some of the notable accomplishments in 2011 by Public Works are summarized below. • Transportation Investment Act of 2010 – Throughout 2011, Pubic Works staff prepared project facts sheets and represented the County at over 25 meetings pertaining to the State of Georgia’s Transportation Investment Act. This legislation allows the citizens of a region (Fayette is one of ten counties in the Atlanta region) the opportunity to vote on a one percent regional sales tax to fund transportation projects in their region. The biggest accomplishment in 2011 relative to the Act was unanimous approval by the ten counties of the final constrained project list. • Atlanta Region Plan 2040 – This plan, which includes a regional agenda for future land use and a $61 billion Regional Transportation Plan was completed and formally adopted by the Atlanta Regional Commission in 2011. This document will be the planning tool used by the region to accommodate economic and population growth sustainably thru the year 2040. County staff attended numerous meetings to give input on the plan and represent Fayette’s interest. • Local Administered Project Certification by the GDOT – In May 2011 the County received formal notification that it is certified by the Georgia Department of Transportation to administer federal-aid projects. With the certification local governments are provided considerable responsibility in the design and implementation of federally-funded projects within their

jurisdiction. Training classes, relevant experience, an application and interview were prerequisites to getting the certification. • Interchange Modification Report at I-85 and SR 74 – Department staff, along with representatives from the Georgia Department of Transportation, Peachtree City, and the City of Fairburn are part of the project team working with consultants to develop a preferred alternative for improvements to the interchange at I-85 and SR 74. Full design of the project should begin in 2012 by the Georgia Department of Transportation following completion of the Interchange Modification Report.

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