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Download the 2011 Annual Report - Fayette County Government

Download the 2011 Annual Report - Fayette County Government


around the County during the growing season. This productivity is attributed to the following: • Two fully-staffed mowing crews; each having three tractor operators and one person in charge of hand-trimming and moving traffic safety signs. • Two seasonal employees dedicated to traffic control, thereby allowing the mowing crew to focus on right-of-way maintenance. • Use of a new 10-ft side and rear rotary mower that was acquired late in 2010 and fully implemented during 2011. Sign Shop – The Sign Shop continued to fabricate and/or install traffic control signs throughout the unincorporated County. The Sign Shop also assists with posting signs in work zones, fabricating signs for other Departments and general right-of-way maintenance activities. A new sign plotter and supporting software was purchased and installed in 2011, replacing the former unit that was 15 years old. Hauling – Hauling of stone and asphalt is done using in-house trucks with support, as needed, from a subcontractor. In CY 2011 the Department (including subcontractors) hauled over 2,128 loads of asphalt (38,413 tons) and 672 loads (10,965 tons) of stone. Demolition of Abandoned Structures – The Road Department demolished and removed four structures (three homes and one barn) from different lots within the County. Some structures were abandoned by the property owners, other purchased by the County as part of a transportation project. All debris was removed and the lots were graded and stabilized. Gravel Road Dust Control – The Road Department continued use of calcium chloride for dust control on 20 gravel roads totaling 18.8 miles. This treatment significantly reduces dust from gravel roads during dry periods and remains popular with the adjacent property owners. Railroad Crossing at Sandy Creek Road – The Road Department, with assistance from Purchasing and the County Attorney, satisfied all legal and insurance requirements for work within the railroad’s easement area on Sandy Creek Road and improved the road’s profile on either side of the tracks, thereby eliminating a dip that was problematic for large vehicles and trailers. Kirkley Road Pipe Replacement – On an emergency basis, the Road Department replaced two, 72-inch diameter pipes. This work was done in conjunction with the Stormwater Management Department as an interim fix to leave the road open to traffic as a permanent solution is designed (expected in 2012).

Use of Contractors and Temporary Labor – During 2011 the Department continued a trend of using contractors (e.g., hauling) and temporary labor to assist with load leveling over the course of the year. Doing so allows the Department to maximize productivity during key times of the year with minimal cost.

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