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Download the 2011 Annual Report - Fayette County Government

Download the 2011 Annual Report - Fayette County Government


Annual Report 2011 Utilities Stormwater Management Solid Waste Water System W here quality has always been the lifestyle Fayette County, Georgia

Stormwater Management The Fayette County Stormwater Management Department is charged to protect public health and safety and the environment by providing fair and consistent implementation of applicable County, State and Federal regulations. Stormwater Management strives to improve Fayette County through careful supervision of these concerns and analyzing the future impacts of current decisions. • Stormwater Utility Implementation – Stormwater staff worked with citizens from unincorporated Fayette County, Brooks, Tyrone and Woolsey to evaluate the Stormwater Management Program (SWMP). This group provided recommendations to the Board of Commissioners on how to meet future stormwater needs. In September a Stormwater Utility Ordinance was adopted authorizing collection of fees proportional to those who place most demand on the stormwater system in order to maintain the stormwater management program. • Customer Service Requests - Staff promptly responded to 145 Customer Service requests for environmental or stormwater concerns. All requests are digitally processed for use with the county’s Geographic Information Systems (GIS) that significantly increases capabilities to identify and resolve reoccurring stormwater problems in a time-efficient manner. • Environmental Permit Compliance - Stormwater Management ensures that Fayette County complies with all state and federal-mandated environmental requirements. The 2011 NPDES Annual Report documented compliance with county’s NPDES permit by documenting implementation of the post-development stormwater inspection program; environmental training and education to both student and adult age groups; inspections and education of county businesses for illicit discharges and plan review and inspections. In addition, requirements for the Metropolitan North Georgia Water Planning District Watershed Management Plan, Georgia Soil and Water Conservation Commission and CRS Floodplain program were met. • Geographic Information Systems - Stormwater staff continues to organize and lead county-wide GIS mapping initiatives that included scanning all site plans and construction drawings. • Floodplain Management – Fayette County’s Stormwater Management Department is one of seven communities within the state to maintain a Class 6 rating, which is the highest rating obtained by any community within Georgia. This rating allows residents a 20 percent flood insurance premium savings. Stormwater Management staff assisted residents with approximately 450 floodplain determinations, FEMA Elevations Certificates and Letters of Map Amendments.

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