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Download the 2011 Annual Report - Fayette County Government

Download the 2011 Annual Report - Fayette County Government

• Regional Watershed

• Regional Watershed Management – Stormwater staff is actively involved in the Metropolitan North Georgia Water Planning District Technical Coordinating Committee. The department director continues to represent Fayette County on the Flint River Basin Advisory Council. • Stormwater Permit Training – Stormwater Management’s environmental engineer retained qualifier trainer certification enabling the county to conduct in-house Subcontractor Awareness, Level 1A and Level 1B NPDES certification classes for land disturbance that provide savings to the county for mandatory training. Additionally, this key staff member also helped coordinate the Central Georgia Erosion and Sedimentation Control and Stormwater Quality Workshop in conjunction with the City of Griffin. • In-House Environmental Services – Staff provided stormwater management consulting in support of the library expansion; the WIC Center and computer aided design for Public Works as well as conducting NPDES permitting and inspections for the West Fayetteville Bypass, Snead Road and five intersection projects.

Solid Waste The Solid Waste Department provides Fayette County citizens with a cost-competitive environmentally-compliant facility that accepts residential waste, construction debris, recycling and yard waste on First Manassas Mile Road in Fayetteville. These services are provided through an enterprise fund where operating costs are paid by tipping fees collected at the County Transfer Station. Fayette County contracts with Waste Management to operate the transfer station, manage the tipping station, and transfer of garbage to their regional landfill and the recycling center. The County takes in an average of 135 tons of residential waste and construction debris a day from private haulers. Citizens can recycle paper, cardboard, aluminum, steel cans and plastic waste through a single-stream (no-sorting) collection process. Improvements to the recycling center have eased residents’ ability to dispose of single-stream material and cardboard. The Solid Waste Department continually strives to reduce waste through recycling efforts. This year the department will investigate the possible expansion of reducing waste to stage remote recycling stations within County parks. The electronic recycling program accepts almost any electronic devise and recycles the materials. Television recycling was added as acceptable electronic device earlier this year. Fayette County recycled over 56,000 pounds of electronics in 2011. Solid Waste staff continues to manage the yard-waste to mulch initiative. This process helps care for our local environment by extracting tons of vegetative debris from the waste stream and grinding into mulch. This end-product returns nutrients to the soil, reduces erosion and irrigation water usage, allowing for improved water quality and increased flow into the County’s many streams and lakes. Free mulch is available for residents to load themselves during normal operating hours Monday thru Friday. In addition, the County loads mulch on Saturday to homeowners for residential use. Solid Waste also initiated tire recycling for a nominal fee.

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