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Nov. 3, 2011 Minutes - Fayette County Government

Nov. 3, 2011 Minutes - Fayette County Government

is not a new zoning

is not a new zoning district, but it is not used as often as A-R. He stated the petitioner could have developed 40-50 homes under the A-R zoning district or a day camp as a Conditional Use; however, this meeting or the meeting scheduled before the BOC would not have been required. He pointed out Highgrove Subdivision abuts CSG along the south property line. He confirmed Highgrove Subdivision is a residential PUD which allows the County greater control. He reported Zac Brown could not do anything with the subject property unless he goes back through the public hearing process to approve a change. He remarked the County and the citizens are protected by the PUD zoning. He added he has served on the PC for ten (10) years and this is about as perfect a fit for Fayette County as he has ever seen and it is a jewel. He thanked Zac Brown for his enormous benevolence. Doug Powell made the motion to recommend approval of the petition subject to two (2) recommended conditions. Bill Beckwith seconded the motion. Al Gilbert asked staff to explain the process for notification. Pete Frisina replied under State zoning requirements, the property is required to be posted on any road which it touches. He added three (3) rezoning signs, one on Ebenezer Church Road, one on Arnold Road, and one on Green Meadow Lane were posted along with one (1) revision to a final plat being posted on Green Meadow Lane. Bill Beckwith advised the audience the PC is a recommending body which makes a recommendation to the BOC who will make the final decision. He added he felt CSG is a wonderful project. Hearing no further comments, the motion unanimously passed 5-0. Members voting in favor of approval were: Chairman Thoms, Al Gilbert, Bill Beckwith, Jim Graw, and Doug Powell. Chairman Thoms thanked everyone for their presentations. He said this is what makes Fayette County great, when people present their opinions in a civil manner. He stressed the objective of the PC was to try and do what is best for the County. He added the BOC would consider the rezoning petition on December 15, 2011. Page 15 November 3, 2011 PC Public Hearing * * * * * * * * * * 5. Consideration of Petition No. RP-050-11, Spotty Merle, LLC, Owner, and Ken Ward, Agent, a revision to the recorded Final Plat of Rountree Place Subdivision to add approximately 10 +/- acres to Tract 9 (10.12 acres) and reconfigure into two (2) single- 224

family dwelling lots (shown as Tract 5 and Tract 6 on the Development Plan for Petition No. 1222-11.) This property is located in Land Lot 1 of the 7th District, fronts on Green Meadow Lane, and is under consideration for rezoning from A-R to PUD- PRL. Ken Ward declined any further presentation. Chairman Thoms asked if there was anyone to speak in favor of the petition. Hearing none, he asked if there was anyone to speak in opposition of the petition. Joe Mendola of 180 (Lot 7, 8.50 acres) and 190 (Lot 8, 12.50 acres) Green Meadow Lane said his house was located on Lot 7 and Lot 8 was currently vacant. He stated he purchased Lot 8 for privacy. He commented since Lot 9 was going to be subdivided into two (2) lots, his Lot 8 would be affected and his privacy would be taken away. He pointed out there were a lot of wetlands and floodplain in the area; however, the original Final Plat was incorrect. He advised a few years ago he tried to construct a swimming pool behind his house, but was told he could not construct a swimming pool because of the floodplain and setbacks. He reported he hired professionals to locate the floodplain, had the plat revised, and constructed his swimming pool. He commented due to the location of the floodplain, the house on Lot 8 would be in front of the house on Lot 9. He said the property could not be accessed previously from Green Meadow Lane. He stated the value of Lot 8 would be detrimentally impacted and the value of Lot 9 would be raised. He commented the bottom line was one (1) additional lot is proposed to be added to Rountree Place Subdivision. Hearing no further comments, Chairman Thoms closed the floor from public comments. In rebuttal, Ken Ward stated he was simply adding acreage to Lot 9 and then subdividing it into two (2) lots. He said he did not understand the objection or how it would devalue Lot 8. Doug Powell commented the proposed lot sizes are pretty consistent with the existing lot sizes. Chairman Thoms advised these lots were discussed at the Pre-Recommendation Meeting. He said there is always a concern about re-platting subdivision lots. He stated the impact on Rountree Place Subdivision was also discussed. He added the two (2) proposed lots do not seem to impact the subdivision in a negative way. Page 16 November 3, 2011 PC Public Hearing Doug Powell concurred and added the two (2) proposed lots would not provide access to CSG because of the State waters and perennial stream. 225

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