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OPERATING AND CAPITAL BUDGET - Fayette County Government

OPERATING AND CAPITAL BUDGET - Fayette County Government


FAYETTE COUNTY, GEORGIA FY 2013 BUDGET PERSONNEL The downturn in the economy has resulted in a reduction of revenue streams that started in FY 2010. For the FY 2010-2012 budgets, the Board of Commissioners instituted specific budget parameters directing County departments to maintain current personnel levels. For FY 2013, the Board of Commissioners again instructed County Departments to maintain current personnel levels. New Positions For FY 2013, there are no new positions. Additional part-time hours were approved for the Clerk of Superior Court that is equivalent to 0.15 FTE. FY 2013 BUDGET - POSITIONS (FTE) FUNCTION ADDED GENERAL GOVERNMENT - JUDICIAL 0.150 PUBLIC SAFETY - PUBLIC WORKS - CULTURE & RECREATION - PLANNING & DEVELOPMENT - TOTAL 0.150 Promotions A total of twenty-one promotions were approved for FY 2013. Two employees were promoted in the Tax Assessors’ Office and three employees were promoted in Fire Services. There were ten positions in Fire Services and EMS that were upgraded from EMT to Paramedic to bring the Paramedic positions in the budget to the currently authorized level of thirty. Also, six additional positions in EMS were upgraded from EMT to Paramedic to increase to thirty-six the number of authorized Paramedic positions in Fire Services and EMS. The total additional cost in salaries and benefits for these promotions is approximately $130,000. 109

Departments Matrix linking departments with Fayette County Goals and Objectives Protection of citizens Protection of County property Efficient\ cost effective operations Citizens quality of life Citizens Health/ Welfare Reward efforts of employees Maintain assets and Infrastructure Fiscal responsibility Environmental Responsibility Administration x x x Animal Control x x Building & Grounds x County Commission x County Extension x x x Dept. Family & Children Services* x x Drug Abuse & Treatment x x Emergency 911 x x Engineering x Community Options/Counseling Ctr* x Finance x x Fire and Emergency Services x x Fleet Maintenance x x Human Resources x Information Systems x x Judicial System x Library x Marshal's Office x x Public Health* x x Public Safety & Emergency Mgt x x Public Works Administration x x x Purchasing x x Recreation x x x Road Department x Senior Citizen Services* x x Sheriff's Office x x Solid Waste Management x x Stormwater Management x x Tax Assessor x Tax Commissioner x 110

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