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OPERATING AND CAPITAL BUDGET - Fayette County Government

OPERATING AND CAPITAL BUDGET - Fayette County Government


BUDGET SUMMARY FY 2011 Actual FY 2012 Budget FY 2012 Actual FY 2013 Adopted FUNDING SOURCES General Fund Contribution 4GTRBDF $ 1,679,935 $ 1,652,060 $ 1,629,284 APPROPRIATIONS Personal Services $ 1,457,633 $ 1,503,387 $ 1,473,523 $ 1,452,126 Operating 164,286 174,036 172,919 172,589 Capital Outlay 20,870 2,512 5,618 4,569 Total Appropriations $ 1,642,789 $ 1,679,935 $ 1,652,060 $ 1,629,284 Department: Buildings and Grounds Maintenance Cost Center: 10010565 Function: General Government Fund: General FY 2010 FY 2011 FY 2012 FY 2013 PERSONNEL - (FTE) Budget Budget Budget Adopted Total Personnel 33.600 31.600 31.600 31.600 FY 2008 FY 2009 FY 2010 FY 2011 WORKLOAD INDICATORS Actual Actual Actual Estimate Number of work orders 1,139 1,753 2,140 2,150 Number of athletic fields 43 43 43 43 Total acreage including ball fields 753 925 925 925 Square footage paved parking lots 2,749,566 2,749,566 2,749,566 2,778,896 Square footage of buildings* *Does not include Water System Area 675,277 675,277 675,277 675,277 115

Department: County Commission Cost Center: 10010110 Function: General Government Fund: General Mission Statement Our mission is to provide all who need our services with prompt and accurate information about Fayette County government's services in general and the actions, decisions, and activities of the board of County Commissioners in particular. Major Department Functions ◊ Prepare the Board of Commissioners for open, public business meetings, through the use of a formal agenda. ◊ Ensure the public's awareness/notification of meetings of the Board of Commissioners, in accordance with Georgia's "Open Meetings Act". ◊ Provide the members of the board of Commissioners with information and research to assist them in making sound decisions. ◊ Provide the members of the Board of Commissioners with information and assistance with responding to, meeting with, or other interaction with the public and others. ◊ Create, disseminate and maintain complete and accurate records from meetings and activities of the Board of Commissioners. ◊ Comply with all deadlines and requirements of Georgia’s “Open Records Act”. ◊ Official custodian of all records, including but not limited to correspondence, contracts, agreements and other documents related to the decisions, actions and activities of the Board of Commissioners. ◊ Assist all Departments and Elected Officials with information in a timely manner, including but not limited to dissemination of information immediately following Board meetings. ◊ Assist members of the Board of Commissioners with issues and relationships with other governments and officials at every level. ◊ Assist members of the Board of Commissioners with training and educational opportunities and requirements and ensure appropriate training for the Department's staff. Major Goals ◊ Continue the process of identifying and converting old files to the Content Manager System. Since these records are not generated by our computers, this will be an arduous task. ◊ Take information to the next level by providing some information via video streaming. Thus far, the dissemination of information to the public on the County's website has been via text or audio only. ◊ Continue the process of amending, updating, and republishing the County Code of Ordinances. This will require tremendous work by the County Attorney and user departments. 116

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