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OPERATING AND CAPITAL BUDGET - Fayette County Government

OPERATING AND CAPITAL BUDGET - Fayette County Government

Department: Law Library

Department: Law Library Cost Center: 20520750 Function: Judicial Fund: Special Revenue ◊ There are no significant expenditure changes. Mission Statement The mission of the Law Library is to effectively provide citizens with access to the most current legislation through hardback legal texts and internet access services. Major Department Functions ◊ Acquire and maintain materials for the County law library by utilizing monies collected from a surcharge on all cases. ◊ To provide Fayette County citizens an atmosphere that is conductive to legal research. Major FY 2013 Goals ◊ Provide the Fayette County general public with the most current legislation. Access will be provided in hardback legal texts and up-to-the-minute on-line services. ◊ To improve efficiency with additional computers and printers to maximize access to on-line services for citizens. Significant Expenditure Changes FY 2011 FY 2012 FY 2012 FY 2013 BUDGET SUMMARY FUNDING SOURCES Actual Budget Actual Adopted Charges for Services $ 63,183 $ 66,000 $ 61,109 $ 63,000 Investment Income - - - - Appropriated Fund Balance (7,812) 1,160 (262) 4,160 Total Funding Sources $ 55,371 $ 67,160 $ 60,847 $ 67,160 APPROPRIATIONS Personal Services $ - $ - $ - $ - Operating 55,371 67,160 60,847 67,160 Capital Outlay - - - - Total Appropriations $ 55,371 $ 67,160 $ 60,847 $ 67,160 2007 2008 2009 2010 WORKLOAD INDICATORS Actual Actual Actual Estimate Probate Court Cases 631 598 620 625 State and Superior Civil Cases 3,493 3,885 3,830 3,900 State and Superior Criminal/Traffic Cases 9,702 8,705 9,145 9,200 Juvenile Court Cases (effective 7/1/04) 501 372 378 400 Magistrate Court Cases (effective 7/1/07) 1,464 2,858 2,940 3,000 149

Department: Magistrate Court Cost Center: 10020400 Function: Judicial Fund: General Mission Statement Our Court is set up to interpret and enforce existing laws in a manner that provides due process, equal treatment and justice for all parties appearing before the Court for both civil and criminal cases. Our goal is to provide the taxpayers of Fayette County with just, efficient and cost effective service. We will deliver this service in a courteous manner. Major Department Functions ◊ Serve its constitutionally required role as a court of inquiry with the primary responsibility to determine the sufficiency of evidence for the issuance of arrest warrants, search warrants and probable cause. ◊ Conduct court for civil claims and garnishments up to jurisdictional limit, abandoned vehicles and dispossessories, including evictions with an unlimited amount. ◊ Process and prosecute misdemeanor deposit account fraud checks. ◊ Process all other misdemeanor and felony warrants, including bond hearings and ppreliminary hearings as Peachtree City and Fayetteville Municipal Judges only conduct hearings that may be prosecuted exclusively in city court. ◊ Conduct misdemeanore deposit account fraud check court along with preliminary hearings on Tuesday, pre-issue warrant hearings on Wednesday and civil cases on Thursday due to time required to process and render decisions due to increased caseload. On occasion, Thursday civil court carries over to Friday. First appearance/bond hearings are conductes six days a week with the exception of Sunday, and as needed at all other times. ◊ Liaison with county and state officials to ensure mandates, under which the court operates, are maintained. ◊ Receive and review all requests for issuance of arrest warrants and search warrants for Fayette County Sheriff Dept., Peachtree City Police Dept., Fayetteville Police Dept. and private citizens. Also, conduct hearings as needed or appropriate. ◊ Process and manage post civil judgment issues including post-judgment discovery, garnishments of wages, garnishments of accounts, traverses to such effects, hearings for relief and contempt. ◊ Process and manage all writs of Dispossessory and the conduct and supervision of all physicial dispossessories throughout the county and all cities within the country. ◊ Provide efficient and effective services of process for all court's civil processes. ◊ Process and manage vehicle foreclsures. ◊ Judges serve as needed for Superior court to consider fmily violence Temporary Protective Order petitions and sign orders and restrictions as the judge deems appropriate. 150

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