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OPERATING AND CAPITAL BUDGET - Fayette County Government

OPERATING AND CAPITAL BUDGET - Fayette County Government

Department: Jail

Department: Jail Construction Surcharge Cost Center: 21630355 Function: Public Safety Fund: Special Revenue Major Department Functions ◊ Accumulate sufficient funds from a surcharge on fines and forfeitures collected by the cities and the County courts to provide funding to offset the cost of prisoners medical expenses not covered in the base contract and the cost of prisoners meals. Significant Expenditure Changes ◊ There are no significant expenditure or staffing changes. FY 2011 FY 2012 FY 2012 FY 2013 BUDGET SUMMARY Actual Budget Actual Adopted FUNDING SOURCES $ 427,718 $ 423,000 $ 334,872 $ 380,000 Fines & Forfeitures $ 115,637 $ 115,000 $ 108,830 $ 115,000 Intergovernmental Revenue 312,081 308,000 226,042 265,000 Appropriated Fund Balance 52,146 24,942 107,409 67,942 Total Funding Sources $ 479,864 $ 447,942 $ 442,281 $ 447,942 APPROPRIATIONS Prisoners Medical Expenses $ 96,412 $ - $ - $ - Prisoners Meals 383,452 447,942 442,281 447,942 Total Appropriations $ 479,864 $ 447,942 $ 442,281 $ 447,942 WORKLOAD INDICATORS 2007 Actual Inmates - Average daily population 246 Inmates - Average length of stay in days 17.50 173 2008 Actual 261 17.50 2009 Actual 255 17.17 2010 Actual 295 21.17

Department: Marshal’s Office Cost Center: 10030290 Function: Public Safety Fund: General Mission Statement Ensure the health, safety, and welfare of the citizens of Fayette County through proactive enforcement and effectively adjudicating all complaints from citizens and other departments regarding alleged ordinance violations without bias and serve as an educator and liason between the county government and the general public to explain and effectively defend the ideas embodied in the ordinances of the county. Major Department Functions Enforcement: The primary responsibility of the Marshal's Office is the investigation and enforcement of county ordinances, zoning regulations, sign regulations, littering regulations, building codes, beer/wine ordinances and business license regulations. Enforcement and issuance of personal care home, coin operated machines and solicitor business licenses. Investigations: Responsible for internal criminal and policy violation investigations. Conduct background investigations for new employees, volunteers and business licenses. All motor vehicle accidents involving county vehicles and workman compenstation claims are investigated by the Marshal's Office and provided to the county wide Safety and Accident Review Committee. Risk Management: The Marshal's Office was instrumental in developing a Loss Control and Safety manual for county employees to utilize in maintaining a safe and accident free workplace for employees and visitors. We administer the Drug/Alcohol testing program to ensure a drug free workplace and schedule or instruct mandatory training for county employees including defensive driving, flagging and commercial licensing classes. We also process and negotiate insurance claims against the county. Security: Provides security of county facilities and properties. Enforces boating safety regulations on the county reservoirs along with the enforcement of hunting, fishing and wildlife management regulations. Patrol of county recreation facilities. Provide security during special events located on county properties. 174

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