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OPERATING AND CAPITAL BUDGET - Fayette County Government

OPERATING AND CAPITAL BUDGET - Fayette County Government


ENTERPRISE FUNDS Water System In March of 2009, the Board approved a two-step rate increase for the system. The first step took effect in March 2009 and the second step took effect in January 2010. This will generate necessary additional revenue to cover operating expenses and continue to improve water system infrastructure. For FY 2013, fund balance is projected to remain the same as the Water System budgets revenues and expenses to be at the same level. As of June 30 FY 2010 ACTUAL Water System 76,962,025 FY 2011 ACTUAL 77,261,492 Stormwater Management FY 2012 ESTIMATED 77,399,840 FY 2013 PROJECTED 77,399,840 This new enterprise fund is created as a result of the establishment during FY 2012 of a Stormwater Utility to be funded by user fees. Previously stormwater management activities were accounted for in the General Fund. The revenue generated by the new utility should be sufficient to fund the mounting maintenance and replacement needs of infrastructure and increasing state and federal unfunded mandates. Effective January 1, 2012, the original budget was revised and the budget for the last six months of FY 2012 was moved to the new enterprise fund. As of June 30 FY 2010 ACTUAL Stormwater Management - Solid Waste FY 2011 ACTUAL - FY 2012 ESTIMATED 9,313 FY 2013 PROJECTED For the last three years expenditures have been consistently higher than revenue. Fund balance has been decreasing. At the end of FY 2013, fund balance is projected to still be strong at $0.9 million. As of June 30 FY 2010 ACTUAL Solid Waste 1,309,731 47 FY 2011 ACTUAL 1,282,839 FY 2012 ESTIMATED 942,149 154,858 FY 2013 PROJECTED 866,567

INTERNAL SERVICE FUND Vehicle/Equipment Fund This fund accounts for the acquisition of vehicles, heavy equipment, and other similar assets. The revenue sources for this fund are interest income earned and transfers from other funds. A replacement schedule is being prepared to identify the annual amounts that each fund should contribute to the fund for the timely replacement of the county fleet of vehicles and equipment. As of June 30 FY 2010 ACTUAL Vehicle/Equipment Fund 8,827,673 48 FY 2011 ACTUAL 7,958,649 FY 2012 ESTIMATED 7,160,923 FY 2013 PROJECTED 6,256,503

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