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OPERATING AND CAPITAL BUDGET - Fayette County Government

OPERATING AND CAPITAL BUDGET - Fayette County Government


OVERVIEW OF FUND BALANCES The tabular information that is provided below is a consolidated overview of the fund balance information for all funds as of June 30. This table is useful to the reader in that it provides general trend information on the government as a whole. The data indicates that Fayette County has accumulated in the majority of its funds sufficient current financial resources to meet its immediate service needs. Going into the future, there is a small group of funds that will need to be closely monitored. As of June 30 FY 2010 ACTUAL General Fund 34,993,703 Special Revenue Funds: Law Library 38,221 Confiscated Property-State 78,009 U.S.Customs Fund 1,260,354 Confiscated Property-Federal 829,111 Emergency Phone E-911 1,122,744 Jail Construction 143,280 Juvenile Supervision 84,328 Victims Assistance 13,100 Drug Abuse and Treatment 77,545 Grants 10,838 Juvenile Offenders Grant Fund 4,628 Fire Services 2,990,810 Street Lights 35,505 Emergency Medical Services 1,340,787 SPLOST - Library 1,153,393 Total Special Revenue Funds 9,182,653 Enterprise Funds Solid Waste 1,309,731 Stormwater Management - Water System 76,962,025 Total Enterprise Funds 78,271,756 Internal Service Funds Vehicle/Equipment Fund 8,827,673 FY 2011 ACTUAL 37,273,344 46,033 46,158 804,428 648,953 989,559 91,133 91,037 55,869 115,362 17,870 4,628 2,765,809 54,898 2,049,164 684,269 8,465,170 1,282,839 - 77,261,492 78,544,331 7,958,649 FY 2012 ESTIMATED 33,574,149 46,295 26,548 336,349 604,593 627,799 8,722 93,069 15,320 127,524 5,751 4,665 2,771,635 69,779 2,104,700 170,985 7,013,734 942,149 9,313 77,399,840 78,351,302 7,160,923 FY 2013 PROJECTED 28,600,505 42,135 (49,952) 336,349 604,593 164,269 (59,220) 92,739 (18,596) 127,024 5,751 4,665 2,339,667 80,533 1,664,002 170,985 5,504,944 866,567 154,858 77,399,840 78,421,265 6,256,503 Total All Funds $ 131,275,785 $ 132,241,494 $ 126,100,108 $ 118,783,217 49

PLAN, POLICIES, AND PROCEDURES I. Mission Statement The Board of Commissioners has adopted the following mission statement: The Mission of Fayette County Government is to provide critical services to protect and enhance the health, safety and welfare of its citizens in a manner that is efficient, fiscally and environmentally responsible, and which perpetuates a quality lifestyle for future generations. The County departments will continue the development of departmental mission statements linked to the mission statement of the overall organization. II. Strategic Goals and Objectives In the form of a vision for Fayette County’s operations in the future, the Board of Commissioners has espoused the broad-based goals of expanding services, making operations more efficient, recognizing and rewarding the efforts of our employees, reducing the tax burden on property owners, and maintaining our capital assets and infrastructure. Each year, the Board of Commissioners, the County Administrator and other key staff members get together for a planning retreat. This annual meeting is held at various locations within the County to ensure that everyone who would like to has the opportunity to attend. At this public forum, the long-term goals and objectives of the Board of Commissioners are discussed and strategies for implementation are agreed upon. Critical issues that the county is facing are presented, alternative solutions are discussed, and recommendations on how to address these issues are made. The following strategic plan is a product of various annual retreats. The strategies represent the methods and philosophies that have been chosen for facing future growth and maintaining the highest standard of living. III. The Plan A. FINANCIAL STRENGTH THROUGH FISCAL CONSERVATISM · Maximize the amount of interest income earned on idle cash balances through prudent investment practices. · Identify opportunities where the amount of local taxes paid is supplanted by a reduction in taxes assessed by other units of government. B. MAINTENANCE OF THE PHYSICAL PLANT AND INFRASTRUCTURE Ensure the existence of an adequate physical plant and infrastructure to meet the County’s future operating needs. · Develop and adopt a five-year Capital Improvements Program to include future funding needs of the various projects. · Follow required accounting and reporting procedures to be in compliance with the Governmental Accounting Standards Board (GASB) Statement Number 34. 50

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