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OPERATING AND CAPITAL BUDGET - Fayette County Government

OPERATING AND CAPITAL BUDGET - Fayette County Government

· Update the

· Update the transportation plan based on current needs and growth corridors. Maintain a safe and serviceable fleet of vehicles that meets the operational needs of the various County Departments. · Continue the Vehicle Replacement Program that was initially approved in 2003. The vehicle replacement procedures were updated to also include procedures for the replacement of other assets. The policy is to also include an approved color scheme for various types of vehicles. The revised policy was adopted on September 3, 2008. · Incorporate the purchase of alternative fuel vehicles into the replacement schedule in order to meet current federal requirements. C. EFFICIENCY THROUGH TECHNOLOGICAL IMPROVEMENTS Utilize available technological advances to make operations as efficient as possible. · Continue to replace computers and computer equipment as needed. · Encourage training on the MUNIS system and other software applications to improve the efficiency of operations. D. SATISFYING THE INTERNAL AND EXTERNAL CUSTOMERS Ensure that the citizens’ needs are being properly addressed. · As part of the agenda for each Commission meeting, time will be designated for public comment on any subject. · Abide by the Georgia Open Records Act. The act establishes procedures to follow when responding to open records requests. Ensure that employee contact with the citizens is helpful and courteous. · Provide classes to county employees on customer service. · Make improvements to the telephone menu system that will reduce the amount of time it takes for customers to receive the necessary assistance. E. MAXIMIZING OUR VALUABLE HUMAN RESOURCES Recognize and reward employees for their efforts. · Fund Class and Compensation Studies to update employee job descriptions, employee classifications, and pay grades. · When possible, provide “cost-of-living allowance” adjustments to the pay plan to ensure that employees maintain their current buying power. F. MANAGING AND PLANNING FOR GROWTH Ensure that Fayette County has a voice in the direction that local government is taking. · Commissioners will become more involved in the activities of the Association County Commissioners Georgia (ACCG). · Commissioners will meet periodically with the governing bodies of the cities, towns, and school system to discuss related issues. · Staff will track new State Legislation having an impact on County operations and offer input to our local legislative delegation. Facilitate the financial planning for future fiscal years, project expenditure needs and expected results of operations over a longer period of time. 51

· Department Heads are to continue to prepare issue papers for the Board which identifies any future requirements, legislation or topics that are expected to have a significant impact on the operations of the County. · The Board will consider, review, and adopt a five-year Capital Improvements Plan. · Staff will present a Capital Budget, which is intended to include the first year of the fiveyear Capital Improvements Program. 52

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