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Revised Subd Regs062410 - Fayette County Government

Revised Subd Regs062410 - Fayette County Government


By: ____________________________________________________________ GA Professional Engineer – Date Signature and Registration/License Number j. LEVEL III SOIL SURVEY I, ______________________ do hereby certify that the Level III Soil Name Survey information provided on this plat was performed by ______________________ _____________in accordance with the procedures Company Name specified in the Georgia Department of Human Resources’ current Manual for On-Site Sewage Management Systems. ___________________________ ____________________________ Signature of Soil Classifier Georgia DHR Soil Classifier, Professional Geologist, or Professional Engineer Registration No. Registration Numbers/License Numbers ____________________________________ Company Address & Telephone k. Approvals. The following spaces shall be provided on the Minor Subdivision Plat in the form listed below for approval by all agencies having jurisdiction: Approved by Fayette County Environmental Health Department Date____________________ Signed ___________________________ Environmental Health Specialist Approved by Fayette County Stormwater Management Department Date_____________________ Signed ____________________________ Stormwater Management Approved by the Fayette County Engineer Date____________________ Signed ____________________________ County Engineer Approved by the Fayette County Planning Commission on: ___/____/___ 42

Date____________________ Signed ____________________________ Secretary Approved by the Fayette County Zoning Administrator. Date ____________________ Signed ____________________________ Zoning Administrator l. Dedication of Right-of-Way. Each approved Minor Subdivision Plat shall include thereon the following statement(s), as applicable: All that property contained within the required right-of-way of (insert name of existing street) having a minimum required (fill in) foot right-of-way. (fill in) feet shall be dedicated to create a minimum (fill in) foot right-of-way as measured from the centerline. Said right-of-way shall be indicated hereon and are hereby deeded to Fayette County, a political subdivision of the State of Georgia, at no costs to Fayette County, upon recordation of said Final Plat into the Fayette County Clerk of Superior Court records. 43

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