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Inventory and Needs Assessment - Fayette County Government

Inventory and Needs Assessment - Fayette County Government


Existing and Effective Network One measure of a roadway system’s strength in providing route alternatives and direct paths of travel is how much of its overall street inventory contributes to a connected network of streets. Thus, measuring the effective network versus the total existing network demonstrates the extent of streets that can be expected to carry countywide movements and, consequently, share the traffi c burden. Of Fayette County’s 984 miles of centerline, approximately 417 miles, or 42 percent, contribute to effective network. Though data are not available to compare, it can be reasonably assumed that far more of the county’s roadways constituted an effective network before the rapid residential growth of the last 30 years. Examining current development patterns shows that street additions are typically dead-end streets and culde-sac patterns, refl ecting a broad societal taste for these patterns in residential development and real estate (and in many communities, refl ecting piecemeal land development in the absence of strong policy guidance). To be sure, this is not unique to Fayette County, and is indeed common to suburban environments throughout the United States. This pattern of development, if allowed to continue, will result in more vehicle trips on the same effective network and precipitate more funds being used for roadway construction and widening. Fayette Forward Inventory & Needs Assessment Chapter 2 30

Ma Map 2. 2 3. 3.1 1 Ro Roadwa wa ways ys and nd n E EEff ff ffec ec ecti ti t ve N NNet et e wo work rk r Legend Major Road Local Road 74 Effective Network Road Incorporated Municipality Unincorporated County Water Data Sources: Fayette County GIS, Atlanta Regional Information System 74 54 Fayette Forward Inventory & Needs Assessment Chapter 2 92 85 85C 279 314 85 92 54 31

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