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Inventory and Needs Assessment - Fayette County Government

Inventory and Needs Assessment - Fayette County Government

2.3.3 Traffic Control

2.3.3 Traffic Control Infrastructure There are currently 65 signals in Fayette County, and all but one of these control intersections on GDOT routes. Maintenance responsibilities for these signals are shared between GDOT and the County and its municipalities, though GDOT makes decisions on signal timing. Due mostly to the absence of interstates in Fayette County, more advanced forms of traffi c control and monitoring, such as real-time congestion monitoring and reporting through variable message signs, are not in place. One noteworthy pattern is the difference in signal spacing between the different state routes, as illustrated on the map to the right. Highway 54, the east-west spine of the county connecting Peachtree City and Fayetteville, has several higher-volume intersections through Peachtree City that warrant signal placement. West of Highway 74 in particular, it also serves an access function for one of the County areas of intense commercial development. Highway 74, on the other hand, has signals spaced farther apart, with fewer access points to local development. With the exception of the intersection with Highway 54, these signals provide longer movement times to Highway 74 to facilitate its traffi c fl ow. This different pattern of signal spacing refl ects historic needs for access. Fayette Forward Inventory & Needs Assessment Chapter 2 34

Ma Map 2. 2 3. 3.3 3 Tr T af a c Si Sign gn g al als Legend Traf c Signal Location 74 Incorporated Municipality Unincorporated County Water Data Sources: Fayette County GIS, City of Fayetteville GIS, Atlanta Regional Information System 74 54 Fayette Forward Inventory & Needs Assessment Chapter 2 92 85 279 314 85 92 54 35

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