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Inventory and Needs Assessment - Fayette County Government

Inventory and Needs Assessment - Fayette County Government

2.4.3 Aviation

2.4.3 Aviation Fayette County contains two airports within its boundaries. Falcon Field in Peachtree City (ICAO code KFFC) is a general aviation airport owned and operated by the Peachtree City Airport Authority. It accommodates a variety of aviation related activities including corporate/business jets, recreational fl ying, experimental aircraft, expedited shipping of small parcels and postage, police and law enforcement aircraft, and aerial photography and surveying. The airport has 57 hangar spaces, 115 apron parking spaces, 107 auto parking spaces and an 8,000-square foot terminal/administration building. Rental cars are available. It is classifi ed as a Level III public airport by GDOT, a classifi cation used for business airports of regional impact. It includes a mile-long paved runway as well as a fuel station, and functions primarily for business travel to and from Peachtree City. Willow Pond Airport, located along Lester Road southwest of Fayetteville, is a private grass strip used as an airpark and owned and maintained by adjacent property owners. The nearest airport providing scheduled commercial passenger air service is the Hartsfi eld-Jackson Atlanta International Airport (H-JAIA, ICAO code KATL) located in Fulton and Clayton Counties. H-JAIA is the preeminent airport for the Atlanta region, a major hub in the United States commercial aviation system and the busiest airport in the world in terms of both aircraft movements (takeoffs and landings) and passenger activity (enplanements and deplanements). H-JAIA is also the only airport in the Atlanta region that offers scheduled air cargo service. Through a combination of commercial passenger carriers, all-cargo carriers and integrated express carriers, H-JAIA serves all domestic air cargo hubs, primary international gateways and over 40 secondary international destinations. In 2005 H-JAIA handled 846,200 tons of air cargo, inclusive of domestic and international, freight, express and mail. That year it was the tenth busiest among U.S. airports and 25th among all world airports in terms of gross tonnage. Fayette County has been strongly infl uenced by its proximity to H-JAIA, especially since the airport’s reconstruction in the late 1970s and subsequent increases in operational capacity. The airport’s growth has made it the largest single employer in the state of Georgia and many residents of the south Atlanta metropolitan area work there or in adjacent centers of employment. Table 2.4.3 Comparison of Aviation Facilities Serving Fayette County Falcon Field H-JAIA Annual Aircraft Operations (Year) 52,592 (2004) 980,386 (2005) Aircraft Based at Airport 180 0 Distance from Atlanta Central Business District 25 miles southwest 7 miles south Ratio of Operational Demand to Airport Capacity (2006) 29% 86% Data Sources: Atlanta Regional Freight Mobility Plan Needs Assessment, FAA Airport Master Records, GDOT Airport Directory Fayette Forward Inventory & Needs Assessment Chapter 2 42

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