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Inventory and Needs Assessment - Fayette County Government

Inventory and Needs Assessment - Fayette County Government

2.4.4 Sidewalks, Trails

2.4.4 Sidewalks, Trails and Bicycle Facilities Many of the existing sidewalks in Fayette County are located in its incorporated areas. Various locations in the unincorporated County have sidewalks along roadways, either through development or through inclusion in a public roadway project. Generally speaking, the County does not often build sidewalks or require their construction on new streets that are added through private development. Fayetteville has 36 miles of sidewalks, many of which are located along major roadways such as State Road 85 and State Road 54. Currently it has plans to add to this network, primarily through current SPLOSTgenerated funding. Though the City of Peachtree City does not have conventional sidewalks on most of its local streets, it does have an extensive network of off-street, multi-use trails that are designed for golf cart access through the community. This network also accommodates bicycle and pedestrian use and is the primary means of pedestrian and non-motorized connectivity. As a result, and to encourage the provision of additional multi- use paths for all residents, the City’s Land Development Ordinance requires that all new developments provide a connection to the existing path system. This alone increases the length of the overall path network on a regular basis. Additionally, the City has provisions within the Public Improvements Program to annually design and construct the multi-use path system to areas that are not currently being served and to regularly maintain the overall path system (source: Peachtree City LCI, 2001). Multi-use trails do not exist evenly throughout the County outside of Peachtree City. Those that do exist have been constructed in disconnected pieces. As a result, cyclists and pedestrians wishing to use off-road trails are limited in movement through the county. This disconnect in bicycle movement is complicated by the county’s lack of on-street or on-road facilities. Currently, Fayette County does not have any dedicated on-street bicycle lanes, either on GDOT highways or on local roads. Due to the rural character of many of Fayette’s roads, the addition of on-road facilities would likely be through widened, smooth shoulders allowing cyclists a safe riding area outside of the travel lane, and many of the County’s roadways currently do not feature such shoulders in their design. Fayette Forward Inventory & Needs Assessment Chapter 2 44

Ma Map p 2. 2 4. 4.4 Si S de d wa walk lk lks s an and d Tr T ai a ls Legend Fayetteville Sidewalk Peachtree City Trail Local Incorporated Municipality Unincorporated County Water Data Sources: Fayette County GIS, Peachtree City GIS,, Fayetteville GIS, Atlanta Regional Information System 74 74 54 Fayette Forward Inventory & Needs Assessment Chapter 2 92 85 92 54 45

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