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Inventory and Needs Assessment - Fayette County Government

Inventory and Needs Assessment - Fayette County Government

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Ma Map p 2. 2.0 0 Re Regi gi gion on o al CCon on onte te text xt x Paulding County 75 Douglas County 85 20 Coweta County Cobb County Fulton County 575 75 FAYETTE COUNTY Gwinnett County City of Atlanta 75 Clayton County Spalding County Dekalb County Henry County Gwinnett County Rockdale County Newton County Fayette County s location within the Atlanta region. Fayette is notable as the only county in the 10-county core region that is not served by an interstate highway. Nonetheless, its proximity to Atlanta and the Hartsfield- Jackson Airport has made it a desirable residential community and has spurred rapid growth and development. Fayette Forward Inventory & Needs Assessment Chapter 2 400 675 285 85 20 75 985 85 2

2.1 Land Use & Development Conditions 2.1.1 Existing Land Use Patterns Approximately three-quarters of the Fayette’s land is in the unincorporated County, and this land area is primarily used for agricultural purposes or relatively low-density single family housing. Fayette land use policies establish the smallest allowable lot size as one acre, and much of the county lies in districts designated to have minimum lot sizes of three or fi ve acres. Beyond these single-family residential patterns, much of the county’s land is not in active use but is rather held in conservation. Within the incorporated municipalities, a greater variety of land uses and intensities are permitted. Peachtree City has been constructed as a master-planned community with land uses and intensities determined by its plan. Land uses here emphasize single-family housing and neighborhood commercial and institutional uses. The City of Fayetteville features a similar mix of land uses, with two major retail corridors along State Road 85 north and south of its traditional business district. The dominant commercial land uses are in incorporated Peachtree City, especially around the intersections of Highways 54 and 74, and along Highway 85, especially north of downtown Fayetteville. A node of retail and offi ce land uses has begun to develop in Tyrone near the intersection of SR 74 and Old Senoia Road. The Town of Tyrone has supported expansion of commercial development into its central commercial district along Old Senoia and Tyrone-Palmetto Road. To date, nearly 30 percent of the developable, non-conservation land in the county remains undeveloped. The County’s future land use policies indicate that the majority of this land would develop as single-family residential uses with intensities similar to those currently seen throughout the unincorporated County. Fayette Forward Inventory & Needs Assessment Chapter 2 3

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